Still sad after 6 months...

I lost my mom to her third and last battle to cancer on her 84th birthday on August 9, 2011. It has been 6 months since her death, but I still find that when I start to feel better, that the same intense heartbreak feeling comes back and sets me back. Most people think that I should be over it as I didn't lose a child or husband - just my older mom. The only people that understand are my friends and family that also lost parents dear to them. My mom was not only my mom, but my best friend and confidante.

Lately I have been saying "you'll see how it feels one day...." It is not very nice to say, but these same people and family members have said some very hurtful things, especially when I had to move my Father into a retirement residence after my mom died. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimer and is not capable of taking care of himself at 86.

Nothing feels the same anymore since this significant loss in my life that everyone seems to think I should be over. How can anything be the same without her? The bond between a mother and child is very special and unique.


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Feb 13, 2012
sorry for your pain
by: Tim

I know what you are saying when you said you think you're getting better, but something makes you think....I too have good days, but I could be driving or doing absolutely noting and something hit me in the face and reminds me of my loss. Eventhough my dad was 84 and died suddenly in his sleep, it still hurts, eventhough it's only 2 months...I don't know how it ever will. Not only was he my dad, he was my friend. And being an only child adds more pain.
There is no book on how to grieve or a specific time period...guess that's why we're all here on this site, seeking each others comfort and support. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Feb 12, 2012
It's okay to grieve
by: Anonymous

Don't listen to hurtful things other people say. Your grief is understandable. You had a very close bond with your Mom. When things get rough just try to think about the wonderful memories you had with your Mom. Crying is a release. Hope things get better for you.

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