Story of my Moms' passing and moving in with the Lord.

by Christine Bridges
(West St. Paul, Mn. U.S.A)

I lost my Mother 11-23-2013

I live in st. paul minnesota. My Mom lives in the town where I was born in, Council Bluffs, Iowa. I would go down to visit every few months. The visits were always so nice. Last December of 2012 Mom got congenital heart failure and had to go to the hospital. She asked for me, I went down right away. She asked me to stay by her side in the hospital, so I did for a week. I was at her side until she left the hospital. She was ready to go home(heaven)then. I stayed at her house with her for another week after she got out of the hosptal. They sent her back to her house on the oxygen. She'd get better and they'd take away the oxygin. Then she'd get to where she needed it again. Last year on her birthday she got shingles real close, almost, maybe in a tiny bit of her left eye, traveled up her forehead and into her hair. I felt so bad for her. There was nothing I could do for her. I couldn't even hug her. She was so strong to go through that. I went down to visit more often after that experience. She was batteling those darned ole shingles every visit. When I went down to visit her, I'd wake up in the morning, and there she was watching over me. "Doesn't matter how old you are," she'd say. "you're stil my baby girl." Just this last 11-19-2013. I got up in the morning and heard the chimes outside ringing very loudly, they hardly ring at all. Not as loud as I heard them that morning. A few minutes later. I got a call from my sister that my Mom couldn't breath. I went down right away. They took her to the hospital and the Drs. had put a big oxygen mask on her, covering her whole face. She had it on for six hrs. and was starting to fight it, and wanted it off. My sister went and asked the nurse if the mask was really even helping Mom? The nurse told her that it wasn't doing that much. So my sister had them take it off of Mom. Mom was so happy to get it off. My sister said that Mom just beamed and was so happy to leave the hospital. Mom said she wanted to go home. So they let her go. hospice for came in for her care seeing a nurse once a day. They put the bed in the living room for her. The whole immediate family was there at the house with her. Mom was talking and eating ok. Found out that she was eating snicker bite size candy bars, and Cheetos . A no no for her diet. At this point she didn't care anymore, she was ready to go home with the Lord. We let her have what ever she wanted before leaving us. She had small portions of casseroles, She drank a whole half gallon of chocolate cold coffee, orange juice. She even had a toast. With a little shot glass of wine with all her grandsons. Moms' grandson (my son) who's in the ARMY and lives in Tennessee wasn't there. I called Josh (my son) and let him know what was happening. He had to get hold of the red cross to see if the he could leave and come see his grandma. She was talking and asking if Josh was there. I told her about the papers he needed to get etc. to see if he can come. Josh called back on the 22nd and said he could come, only he wouldn't be able to be there until monday or tuesday. My nephew Shawn (40 yrs. old ) got the phone and told Josh that my Mom didn't have long, maybe leaving us tonight or in the morning. He then put the phone up to Moms' ear so she could hear. Josh telling Mom "I love you grandma, you go when you see those angels, ok?" Mom said "I love you too Josh". Not long after she talked to Josh she fell asleep. Then she opened her eyes looking at the ceiling like and said "I see Jesus, and my boy!" (We lost my little brother when he was only 4 after getting hit by a car.) Then closed her eyes again. Later on that night Mom again opened her eyes and said "Mama mom mama" then shut her eyes. Her favorite Psalm was Palm 118. I read it to her that night as she was sleeping. Then I prayed from Acts 2 in the Bible. This was at 4:30 a.m. or 5a.m. I dozed off to sleep, and when I woke up around 6:00a.m. I couldn't tell if she was breathing or not. Her breathing had been shallow through the night. I put my head on her chest. I couldn't tell if I could hear if her heart was beating or not. So I went to the other side of the bed and put my head down by her mouth to feel and hear if she was breathing, and all I heard was the machine from the tube in her mouth. I gave her a great big hug. I didn't want to let go. I raised her up a bit to see if she was starting to get cold. She was hot, so I think she just passed before I woke up. She had passed peacefully in her sleep. She went so very peacefully. She deserved that. Her seeing Jesus and my brother is a very big testimony as to where she is now, and yes Jesus is Lord. I miss her so much. This hurts so much. Tears are healing too. So go ahead and cry. It's ok.

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Feb 12, 2014
Made Me Cry
by: Joshua

The details about her last meal ( the snacks and drinks ) made me cry. I lost my mom November of 2011. I'm 25 and she was 52. She battled cancer for years. She was strong... So strong that she didn't even tell me it was terminal + the cancer spread to her brain and bones. I jumped on a plane and made it just in time to see her pass away hours later. The loss still hurts and I miss her. Her seeing Jesus gives me faith the he is real + her son- god bless you -

Dec 23, 2013
Story on my Moms' passing and moving in with the Lord
by: Doreen UK

Christine I am sorry for your loss of your Mom. One of the hardest and harshest experiences of life. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 19 months ago, and he died slowly over 3yrs. and he had a painful death. To die in one's sleep is the best way to go and easier on the family. I suffered with my husband and my grief is harder. My husband developed pneumonia, blood clots with daily injections in his abdomen. he also got shingles in his eye and it was painful, black and blue and swollen to almost closing. he would cough up blood and pieces of flesh that worried him. He worked with asbestos so died of a deadly lung cancer which was terminal. He wanted to die at home and so we gave him his wish. He could not eat and his body was shutting down. I believe in God so I know I will see my husband again and this gives me the HOPE to go on each day. But it is still a painful grief journey for many months. May God comfort you all and give you His Peace.

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