Strange Dream About My Mother!

by Ilana

I woke up scared to death this morning because of a dream I had last night about my mother. It seemed so real! I can remember walking into my kitchen and seeing my mother and grandmother (who also passed) making breakfast for me and my son. My father was sitting in the living room watching tv. I asked my father why mom was in the kitchen when she is supposedly dead. He said that he and my mother faked her death so people wouldn't bother her while she was going through her chemo. Then I woke up!

This is the first dream I have had for a long time. My mother passed a year and a half ago and I can't figure out why I even had this dream and why I remember it so vividly.

Can someone shed some light on this for me because it scared the hell out of me.


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Nov 09, 2011
ADCs After death communication

M. Mack,

Thank you for coming forward and discussing the very thing that a lot of people have experienced,yet never admit. I guess that I am one of those (pathetic) people that you described always begging for a sign to help quench the loneliness that resides in my heart.

I did tell My Love to go on if he needed to. That I would be o.k. A lot of people experience ADCs or after death communication. Some people take notice and others just pass it off as coincidence.

My sign is a broken doorbell that still rang initially in times of extreme grief and now rings when I am wondering what to do or thinking of him.

I begged for a dream for so long and I finally had one last week. It was so vivid and I woke up feeling great. I consider these signs as a gift. Our loved ones sending us signs that they are o.k and are always there watching over us.

I do not worry if people think I am nuts, best to keep it to yourself though. Not commonly accepted and discussed. I do so with close family members or friends that have a more spiritual side and are open to such things.

My best always...

Nov 08, 2011
GOD Speaks to Us in Dreams
by: David

The Bible states that God speaks to us in dreams.

Not all dreams are of the predictive or message type. Some dreams can be blamed on what we went through during the day, or bad cheese.

Once in awhile, GOD does send us messages in our dreams. Your dream sounds worthy of interpretation.

Mothers in dreams symbolize love or love relations and situations. Fathers in dreams symbolize business affairs. So, your dream has to do with an emotional or love attachment or situation.

All the different foods of breakfast should really be considered for an accurate interpretation, but, generally, if you were eating alone, it is a warning to guard against hasty speech and restlessness.

If you dined with others, you can gain your objectives by being patient and diligent.

Eggs auger domestic contentment or prosperity and abundance. Eating eggs predicts good or improving health.

However, if the eggs were cracked, rotten, broken, stale or otherwise unpleasant, they are a warning of disappointment through unwisely placed trust.

Colors of items in dreams are very important.

Intrigue among those you have trusted is forecast in a dream of hearing a repeat a secret is a sign that you will have to defend yourself against malicious gossip.

Hiding something can mean you are contemplating some action which you suspect or know you may later regret. Don't be hasty.

I don't think you need to fear anything from your dream...and only you can understand the message based on the few interpretations. Some will pertain and some will not.

Good luck and God's blessings to you.

Nov 08, 2011
Dream about your mother
by: M Mack


Ok, against my better judgement, I'm going to put my thoughts on this one out there. I hope everyone don't think I'm crazy, nutso either.

Don't be afraid of seeing your mom and grandmother in a dream. It's very hard for them to manifest themselves but they are trying to communicate with you for a reason. Have you been thinking about your mom lately or too busy to take the time to reflect on her? She wants your attention for some reason. Maybe you're doing too much, not being taken care of, or in need of help? Maybe you don't recognize the signs that she is here with you in spirit.

Perhaps you don't read anything about dreams and life after death. It's not your thing but thats ok. They do live in spirit among us. Talk to her, pray for her and tell her you love her.

A few years ago, if someone said this to me, I'd say they're nuts! When I lost the love of my life, I opened my eyes to anything that might bring me near him and his love.

Treasure your dreams and search for the meaning. So many on this site that have lost loved ones would do anything to have a good dream. I've also read that those that don't get that dream of a loved one is because the experience would be too hard for them to take. They dont want to let go as it is and then they become Impatient wanting their loved one to come forward often. That's not helpful and it can become obsessive. So put it in logical perspective, talk to your mom and don't be afraid of a dream. That kind of dream is as sure as reality.

I had a dream a few months ago and my love kissed me as he passed me on the street. The kiss was passionate and real as ever. Then he whispered he loved me and moved on. It was as though he wasn't supposed to be there but he knows me and what I need. I had a sense of calm comfort for weeks afterward.

You are one of the lucky ones. Thanks for sharing and hope you (any everyone else) don't think I'm crazy for my beliefs.

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