Straw that broke the camels back mum


Dear Mum,On Saturday a man shouted at me accusing me of pushing in the shop que. This is when I missed you so much.

You would have given me the confidence and warm hugs to cope knowing that my last operation left me with a blind spot. I have been weeping ever since missing your beautiful reassuring voice and smiles.

Its been three months and I struggle every day without your unconditional love.
Responses from others would be appreciated.


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Sep 04, 2012
Straw that broke the camels back mum
by: Doreen U.K.

Jilliam I am sorry for your latest upset on top of what you are already going through. It just added to your burdens and left you upset and reaching out for someone. You should have emailed me. I would have supported you, best way I could. It is things like this that can push us over the edge especially now we have lost our support. People can be so unkind and you will find this more so when we are vulnerable and alone. I am so busy trying to rectify jobs done badly and things going wrong around the home. But never too busy to reply to your email or post. Feel free to email me anytime.
Just like you miss your mum I miss Steve as I need to run things by him and He is not here. I am making so many bad decisions now because He made most of them and I now have to make these on my own. I get tradesmen in and I get ripped off, because I am a woman dealing with a man who thinks he can charge me too much. I rated my carpenter as having left me with a bad finish on the rail he put up because he used a nail gun and the nails went in crooked. if I punched them in more it would have split the wood. Steve was a carpenter. I was his wife/labourer for over 40yrs. I learned a thing or two. But I also said I would use this carpenter again because I liked his good work ethic, and the way he worked with Integrity. But he still rubbed me up the wrong way because I dared to tell him I was not totally happy with the finish of the job he did. I guess I have much more of this to come. I guess this is the hard part of our grief. Dealing with people that upset us. Often it says more about the other person than us. My only difficulty is that I want to bite back and I have to hold my tongue from being angry. I don't like being provoked. Jillian I am sorry for this man's brutal outburst toward you. It is so unfair. Promise me next time. Anything bothering you. Please email me. Sorry I haven't written for a while. I am also answering most of the posts that come here and this takes up a lot of the time but I will answer your emails. I will always be here for YOU and anyone else on this website that needs support. I hope you have better days ahead and that you will feel better with our support.

Sep 03, 2012
Missing Mum
by: Ella

Hello Julian

It's been three months since the passing of my mother and I full understand how you feel. I just picked up some photos from Wal Greens one which showed my mother one day before her passing with her two great grand children. They both are lease than six months old, she will never know them. I, like you have had some horrifing days, sometimes I think she is in her room and then the painful reality hits. She is not here and will not be coming home. The reality that my mother of 53 years is no longer with me is so difficulty to believe. I really do not know what to tell you other than you are not alone in your pain and sorrow. This website has been a jewel, being able to connect to others sharing the same horrifying pain is truly a God sent.
Julian, just hang in there; I'm believing it will get better. Your mother like mine, will be with you in Spirit.

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