Such is the tragedy of life

by April

When I was 3, I lost my mother, she either killed herself or her boyfriend killed them, or it was just a drunk accident. I'll never know. It was her birthday in November of 95, in northern Wisconsin and all day my sisters dad and our mom talked of how good of a day it was to die. that night they went head on into a tree trunk in front of a classy island resort.

My eldest sibling, Trudy, passed in much the same way, she was in Wisconsin visiting us, though she lived in south Dakota, she went out in 2000 and got drunk in town, met a guy and they were going around the last bend of a sharp S curve when the car flipped and m sister was ejected onto the highway, her young son was with us thankfully.

When our Mother passed me and my 3 half siblings were raised by my moms parents. In 2005, my grandpa, who was who I considered my dad, passed after being the strongest person I knew. His death brought me to a crossroads with depression and suicidal thoughts.
Thankfully my grandma was there for me through it and we were there for eachother. I got better and I grew into a good life of acceptance with my family.

But now my grandmother who I've always called mom is in a nursing home for the first time and she's dwindling away. And I wouldn't go back into suicidal ideas, I just feel my heart being wrenched away completely, I cannot bear to lose her. She means everything to me. Death is always so confusing and scary. Seeing strong people turn weak and frail so many times. I'm only 19 and I'm 2 months pregnant, who do I turn to for advice? I hate my boyfriends parents, they're going to be crap grandparents, with nothing to offer our children for knowledge and actual morals. I just wish things had been better.

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Jun 30, 2011
Children Give You a Reason to Carry On!!!!
by: Laurie Leveille

You have certainly had your fair share of tragedy! Why some people experience so much pain is beyond comprehension. Not that we'd wish any of this on someone else, one must wonder why does life have to be so tragic. I feel so sorry for you and everything you have had to endure during your life. Why is it that some people can go through life unscathed while others like ourselves seem to be continually bombarded with tragedy? For this, I have no answers. All I do know is that you are carrying a new life inside of you and this is your reason to carry on and be thankful for living!!!! This child is the very meaning of life. For every horrible thing that you have been through, your new baby will bring you ten times more joy and happiness. It's hard to believe but it is true. Children are our joy in life. When your baby is born, you will feel like nothing you have before. A certain joy will engulf you and it is your child that is responsible for this beautiful feeling. Enjoy everything about your little one. You are to be a mother and you will be blessed in so many ways. Don't let one day go without realizing just how special you are for being given the privilege to be a parent. Enjoy each and every minute of your new life ahead of you. You deserve the best out of life since you have been suffering far too long. I hope that your tomorrows bring you some sort of comfort. I do know that your newborn child will bring you so much joy and you deserve ALL of it!

Take care and all the best to you and your new family. There are people out here who truly want others to be happy!!!! Enjoy!

All the best, Laurie Leveille

Jun 16, 2011
by: Miriam

please stay strong for your little baby. A baby is a gift and will give you alot of joy. I know it must be so hard for you. I have lost my mum and I'm finding it so hard to cope. Mums are so precious. And you are soon to be one. God bless you and help you.

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