Superman died on Dec.13,2011

by Sally Schofield

Nicholas is my 21 yr.old son who passed away Dec.13th,2011 in an ICU waiting for his second lung transplant.It was a very long and painful 8 wks.till he died of complications due to his cystic fibrosis and rejection of his first transplant.He idolized superman and wanted to believe he could overcome anything.We all-family and friends-believed he really could.He had overcome so many obstacles-why not this?My heart and soul aches each and everyday for him-I dont know what to do with my life now.I know he is no longer suffering or in pain-but I miss him so much in our lives.

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Dec 26, 2012
Coping after one year-
by: Sally Schofield

To Michelle-
This year has been very hard for sure-I will not lie.But I will tell you that things will get better.Not that you will get over your loss but that hopefully you will be able to talk to people about your feelings and learn someway to go on.What helped me alot is that Nick was always concerned how we would handle our grief-he didnt want us to be sad forever and he wanted his siblings to go on with their lives.And that has pushed me everyday to do just that.It has been hard also for his siblings as you said of your other children.Especially my youngest who is 17 yrs.old.He has a hard time talking about Nick at all-but if you can try and get them to talk to anyone about it-that would be the best advice I could give you.Remember to take just one day at a time and cry when you need to cry.You can also email me at Bless and take care!

Dec 21, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Michelle

I just lost my son Nicholas on December 13th 2012..It has been only 8 days. He too had CF and was 21 years old. I am writing because the shock of the similar situations. He had been fighting for a long while. He was not a transplant candidate due to his history of non compliance. His teenage years and rebellion took precious time from us. He was too young to understand how much it would impact his life until it was too late. We were blessed that he didn;t suffer struggling to breathe, rather his heart had just given out. We found him in the chair that morning and he looked as if he had just fell asleep. He must have had a good morning because he had gotten up and gotten breakfast for himself...usually he was on the bi-pap and had very rough it helps to think he must have felt pretty good. He didn't know what had happened, and i never got to say goodbye. Even though he was struggling, we all thought we had more time...I was sick the week before he passed, and had to stay away as to not hurt him with illness...The funeral was 3 days ago, and I am so sad...In always knew we were on borrowed time, but coping is so hard. Just one year after your son was taken, mine was as well from the same disease. I miss his voice saying "Hi Momma" and his smile...I have two younger sons who are CF free...they are not doing well without him either..He lit up my it feels so dark and cold. I'm not sure how well I will do without him for the rest of my tears my heart out...Seeing them close that hearse door killed me inside, and then they drove away. He will creamated in the next few days, as he wished...I will never see him again in this life, and i will never be whole again...i wish we could I know what the road ahead looks like...Michelle

Feb 25, 2012
my darling son Brendon
by: vicky

Hi, my son Brendon died on the 4th of december after a motor bike accident, we had only talked about organ donation about 3 months before, not for any reason it just came up, he said he wanted to, so when he died that is what we did, he saved 5 mens lives last christmas. In the process we has to wait 31 hour sitting beside his bed knowing he was brain dead but still on life support, we had already sat there for 7 days hoping he would get better but not to be. Perhaps you could put your energy into helping families that have been donors get through, and canvas for a faster turn around so families are not left in agony for longer than they need to be. I understand that they need to get in the recipients but it was a weekend when our son died and I am sure the doctor were the cause of the delay. We are unsure if we would ever go through that hell again, we are still living in that hell , with the picture of our son still alive being taken away just to be cut up for his organs.
I really feel for your loss and wish you all the best.

Feb 25, 2012
Waiting For Transplant........
by: TrishJ

I can't find the words to tell you how sorry I am. My husband was on the UNOS list for cardiac transplant but didn't make it to transplant. What an emotional roller coaster. It's so hard on the families but I can't even imagine what your son and my husband went through waiting for a donor. The thought of actually receiving the transplant and being here for a longer time. You are so right.....the wait is long and painful. What is going through their mind? They know that in order to receive the transplant some fairly young and healthy person has to lose their life. It's such a bitter sweet and draining process.
I know your son is now at peace as is my husband. The longing for them though is hard to bear. My husband fought so hard to stay with us. I'm so sorry that your son's first lung transplant wasn't successful. We never got to the point of all the anti rejection medications and all that goes with the actual transplant.
God bless you. Try to be strong and remember the good things. Your son will always with you.

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