Sweet Lila

by Sarah

Lila enjoying the new interlocking stones outside the garage door.

Lila enjoying the new interlocking stones outside the garage door.

13 years passed so quickly.

I remember Lila arriving at my house when she was a few months old. It was shortly after Christmas in 2000 when my brother and sister returned from Switzerland with a small, black Rottweiler/Labrador mix. She was the first puppy I'd ever seen that had a tail, since all our previous Rottweilers had been de-tailed. I don't remember much about them. I remember eagerly running out to the garage to see my precious new puppy before the car even fully stopped.

For the next 13 years, this sweet dog named Lila was my companion and friend. One specific memory stands in my mind, where Lila found me sitting in the grass, crying my eyes out..and she licked my tears away, put her head in my lap, and just comforted me with her presence.

I was 10 years old when Lila came into my family. She was the runt of her litter, and was almost killed by her mother shortly after being born. The bite marks from where her mom had bitten her were visible for the rest of her life, but that only made her more special.

She was the most patient and long-suffering animal I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I used to bother her, putting my hand in her mouth, seeing if she'd bite me. (I wasn't a very smart child! ;) ) even with my hand in her mouth, she'd look at me with curiosity, and never ever bite down. If she was eating, I could reach down and take the food out of her bowl, and she wouldn't even growl. When she had puppies, she was protective of them, but still allowed us to cuddle them.

Throughout her lifetime, Lila befriended most of our barn cats, snuggling up with them on cold winter days, and even allowing them to nap on her back. Her other animal best-friend was a horse named Angie. Lila would stay by Angie's side in the pasture for days, running with her, laying beside her, sleeping by her.

People often remarked that she didn't obey them when they told her to sit, lay down, or shake a paw. Then, they'd be amazed to watched her perfectly obey the same commands.. Only given in Swiss. She was a true Swiss-canadian.

When my nephew was born, we were a little concerned about how Lila would react to a baby. Once again, she amazed us with her gentle, loving nature. Though my nephew would pull on her hair and squeeze her tail, she patiently endured it, along with his shrieks of joy. She even allowed him to 'ride' her like a horse: she walked around slowly, with him on her back, his little hands tightly holding on to her fur.

Many, many things in my life changed over the past 13 years, but Lila was always there, as calm, loving, and warm as ever.

I'll never understand why such a loyal dog had to die such a terrible death. To the driver of the car who hit her, you'll never know what a great life you ended. On Christmas Eve, 2013, Lila was hit by a car and left for dead on the side on the road. We don't know if it was 3 or 4 hours that she laid there, in the -30 winter night, but she was barely alive when we found her. Her injuries were extensive, and I'll never get that image of her out of my head. When she heard our voices, she tried to lift her head to see us. We gently stroked her muzzle and her paws, the only places that looked like it wouldn't hurt to be touched. After a few agonizing minutes, Lila passed away.

Lila.. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You brought so much joy to my family. You'll be in my heart forever.

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Jan 07, 2014
Sweet Lila
by: Diane

I'm so truly sorry that beautiful dog had to go through what she did. I wish for a special place in hell for that driver, they had to have known they hit something.My beautiful Chrissy was killed in the same way in Dec. of 2012, right in front of me. The only comfort I have is that she died quickly, before I even reached her, that driver did not stop either. The cold most likely helped your sweet baby to not hurt as bad as she would have, I know in my heart she wanted to say goodbye to you before she went, and she did. It was a great comfort for Lila to have you there.I'll pray for you all, take care of yourself, try not to dwell on her death, but remember the love she had for you. She would not want you to be so sad, but to remember her with smiles instead of tears. RIP beautiful Lila!

Jan 02, 2014
Sweet Lila
by: Doreen UK

Sarah I am so sorry for your loss of Lila. What a beautiful dog and such a loving pet to own and have the pleasure to love and have with you in your life. I feel so angry that someone could have such little regard for the life of a pet and just leave your dog to die by the side of the road. God blesses our lives with pets and when they leave us it is the worst pain ever. I have lost pets and I know how much it hurts. It is such a cruel way to die with no regard for the life of a pet. I hope whoever did this to your Lila will suffer some trial in their life to make them take responsibility for their cruel actions. It is still a hit and run whether human or pet. I feel quite upset for you. It brings back to mind how I lost my pets and how I felt. I hope that life treats you well and that you are able in time to love another pet and give them a chance to Love and be Loved by you. Lila was unique and can never be replaced. Best wishes.

Jan 02, 2014
In memory of beautiful Lila
by: Heidi

You and your family gave Lila such a wonderful loving home for such a sweet soul. Please be comforted in knowing how much Lila loved you and appreciated all the love and friendship her family gave her. Such a tragic way to die for such a giving friend. It sounds like she held on so that she could say goodbye to the ones she loved so much. She was a perfect friend and companion even as she took her last breath.

God made animals so wonderful and so that’s why I believe that animals go to Heaven to be with Him. I know it’s not fair in the way she died and taken from you so unexpectedly. She will always be a part of you and who you are. I know from experience - you will never forget her even as decades will go by.

Dec 30, 2013
So So Sorry to hear this.
by: Gloria

I can truly understand your hurt for your loving pet. I lost my beloved pet on 11/8/2013. I am still grieving over my friend, my pal, my pet.He passed away from multiple seizures. I can't imagine how people can be so cruel hitting someones pet without understanding the grief a person would be. That I consider murder. Sorry to sound so mean. I will pray for you for God to help him cross "Rainbow Bridge" read that poem, it will help some of the grief. We will see our beloved friend some day. My pet was named Dakota. I loved and still do love and miss him oh so deeply. My e-mail is gcomer@gway.org

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