Sweet Tony...64...gone..over 4 mo now...LOVE of my life

by Carroll

Tony was a zany, intelligent, generous, loving, sweetest man I ever knew and absolute LOVE of my life. I'll never forget the first time we met...@ the bowling alley..he looked up @ me from the table and gave me the sweetest smile. His arms were covered in bright, colorful dragon tatoos. What an impact he made on me that first nite. We were together a little over 17 years after that. Tony was such a hard worker and ethical man too. He was very loyal and caring and blew me away sexually. I could not get enough of him, nor him me. I had more loving with him in 4 years than I did in 20 years of b4 him. Then he had a heart attack and it was different for the love making. But @ least I had him 13 more years. GOD let him live and we were always a touchy feely kind of couple. I miss my companion and partner very much. He gave me a rose today. I have a mini rose plant in front of our picture together. The Rose bent down in front of this picture and bloomed last night...a pretty, little, fragile pink rose. Thank you GOD for allowing Tony and me to have such a wonderful time together. Oh there were some bumpy times too...of course...life ebbs and flows like that...all related to his kids who kept nothing but drama going on. But Tony is in heaven and now ALWAYS with me in my head and heart. Today does not hurt as bad...for the moment...I have been weepy every day...it just gets so tiresome..my love...I will always talk to you and try to remember the better times we had over all the years. Be Well and happy and pls be there when it is my time to come home to GOD. I miss you.

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Aug 25, 2012
Love of my lie
by: Pat J

I lost the LOVE OF MY LIFE 14 months ago. He died from a massive heart attack, sitting on the side of our bed, on June 27, 2011. Our 46th wedding anniversary was the 26th of June. He went quick; I didn't even realize he was gone.
Since April of last year he started to have serious health issues. We always had great sex also; then with his health issues things changed. That seemed to bother him; he was worried I would be unhappy and start looking elsewhere. Men, their sexual activity is so important to them. I kept reassuring him, we were together and just him holding me and hugging me and kissing me and sharing our closeness is all that mattered to me. Now I don't even have that and 14 months later, that thought still bring tears.
Now I keep his memory and our love tucked safely in my heart. Our life is forever changed, but we do go on. We learn to accept this new life. Our grief is ours to own and don't ever be ashamed of
our grief; it is because we have loved so deeply.
ONE DAY AT A TIME! Keep your husband tucked safely in your heart as I do mine; they are always with us; we are never alone really; phyically yes, but never spiritually. My faith teaches me Red is waiting for me and when my time comes he will be there to put his arms around me.

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