Sweet William

I really just want to thank you for this site.. stages of grief and for your perceptive comments about the difference between pet loss and human loss. It is so hard to grieve for a pet because no one really can handle the depth of feeling and pain we feel. They want it to be over and for you to move on.

Thank you for letting me know that others experience the same particular kind of suffering that losing a pet involves and that indeed grief, though painful, is valid and doesn't show an unnatural attachment to an animal but indeed a deeply loving heart for all animals.

Thank you for encouraging me to look ahead to a time when I can again have a pet and not fear loving it because someday I will lose it. I've learned to let go in this process and to know that although I wish the friendship could have lasted forever, for many reasons we have to know it won't and to be grateful for what we have had.

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Nov 10, 2010
from Bucky's dad
by: Russ

This is a hard thing - and yes even harder because people don't get the fact of a deep love and bond between a human and an animal. This site is important - because you learn that there are others who have been through this dark time and completely understand your loss and your pain. I do wish to encourage you to hang on. It has been over 9 months now since I lost my Bucky - it is still a tender spot - but I am able to move forward and smile again. We can only hold onto the blessings we had - not the physical life. I do believe that you will be reunited again - but now is not that time. We must continue to live our lives. Peace, and strength and best wishes to you.


Oct 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

oh yes they are family... our fur babies. I still miss mine every day. They love unconditionally, and they are always there. They just love.

Oct 25, 2010
My Lassie
by: Anonymous

I'll never forget the day we found my gorgeous border collie/ australian sheperd mix dead in my yard. People think it's just a pet, you're being silly. But, she was so much like my child. She was a beautiful loving angel. I'll never let myself feel that way about another pet. I strive daily to forgive the ANIMAL who killed her for doing what border collies do; herd. He said she was chasing his horse. No, she was just herding his horse. That's what they do.
But, yes I share your grief. Sometime we love our "pets" as our family.

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