An Easy Way to Express Condolence


Struggling with that sympathy card or letter?

It's hard to come up with just the right words to express condolence. You feel so deeply and compassionately for your friend in his tragedy... but geez, what do you say?

We checked out many of the "off-the-rack" sympathy cards widely available today, and found nothing truly appropriate and sincere. Most had flowery "canned" expressions, and had an impersonal feel to them.

So we decided to create our own sympathy cards. We carefully penned some "from the heart" sentiments and paired them with thoughtful quotes about grief and loss. Our artist then blended them with emotionally inspiring photos. The result? A truly unique and comforting line of original-art sympathy cards.

Our hope is that one of these cards will be "just right" for your situation. They are stunning in design and printed on elegant, richly-textured stock with a warm feathered edge. These high-quality sympathy cards are sure to be noticed and treasured for years to come. You'll not find anything like them in the card section at the drugstore.

By the way, we feel that "e-cards" are great for birthdays and graduations, but not for sympathy... send a real card to express your condolences.

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Sympathy card messages...

(Please note: our sympathy cards below ship to U.S. addresses only).

We provide here on our website an all-inclusive sympathy card service. All you have to do is choose a design.  We personalize and sign it (handwritten in ink). Then we hand address the matching envelope and mail it for you. Short work of a difficult task, yet sure to be appreciated!

If you would rather sign the card yourself, we can send the unsigned card with matching envelope to you. You can then personalize, sign and mail it yourself.

*** The inside sentiments are interchangeable... You can change them up if you like. Just let us know in your order form. Example: Change inside message to Card #_______. If you don't specify in this way, we will send the card with the interior as shown. This is easy to do at checkout.

The cost for this service is $10 USD... signed, sealed and delivered. Postage and taxes are included, no added charges to the flat fee.

Our 8 sympathy cards are presented below... click on the link to see the entire card and read the interior sympathy card messages:


        #1-Peace Dove                             #2-Sweet Rose



     #3-Autumn Memories                    #4-Mountain Dawn



         #5-Rainy Day                           #6-Helping Hands



       #7-Stormy Rainbow                #8-Reach For Hope


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