Sympathy gifts for men...

                              a sad grieving man

Grief can be very, very hard on men. They tend to show their grief differently than women, and this can be misunderstood as a lack of caring. Little boys are taught early on to hold in their feelings, and not to cry in public. The strong, silent protectors...

So bereaved men just cry in the shower, or while alone in their car. They feel just as much pain... you just can't see it so easily. And because they look like they are "holding up" so well, they often become the "forgotten mourners".

How can you help a bereaved friend who happens to be a man? Express to him how very sorry you are for his loss, and offer your support in concrete and practical ways, just as you would for a woman. Bereaved men need the warmth, comfort and support of their fellow man in their time of need, just as women do. They just might not ask for it or accept it as readily as a woman might.

So continue to provide support, practical help and companionship to your friend throughout his bereavement.

You might also want to offer a gift of condolence to a male friend, acquaintance or co-worker. It is sure to be welcomed and appreciated. We offer below a few memorial items or sympathy baskets you might want to consider sharing with a grieving man.

Sympathy gifts for men

        Personalized Keychain


    Strength Sympathy Basket



    Man's Sympathy Basket



 Acorn Strength Deluxe Basket



    Sun Collection Mug



  Survival Parachute Bracelet


   Special Bereavement Candle

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