by DeAnna
(South Dakota)

My little brother Tim died on Sept.12th 2012. He was only 24 and taken so suddenly. It has alomst been 10 weeks without him now. We all miss him so much, it hurts every day. I am not a very religious person at all and even question the thought of GOD at times? But I have found myself asking the common question that some people ask when they lose someone they love. "God why did you take him". Well I have come to the realization today that if there is a GOD, he is good. GOD would not have taken my brother Tim from the family that loved him so much. He recieved Timothy. That's the answer I have found for myself, God doesn't take... he recieves our loved ones. We live in a world where people get sick, or hurt, and some taken from us. To blame GOD is not fair, if anything he must be waiting at the gates of heaven to recieve our loved ones that were sent to him. I'd like to think I can see Timothy again when I am old and die. The only hope there is... to talk to him again, see him, hug him. I have to try to believe in that.


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Dec 11, 2012
by: Doreen U.K.

DeAnna I am sorry for your loss of your young brother Tim at 24yrs. It is sad to lose a sibling and one so young that could have had a good life. I lost my husband 7 months ago from cancer and he was 65yrs. I was angry with God. I didn't want to be. But I was because I prayed for Healing and every sign I got was of people saved from some of the most serious incurable cancers which Steve had. I had HOPE that God would rescue Steve and HEAL him. I have heard it said that DEATH can sometimes be a form of HEALING. I can't seem to accept DEATH as a form of Healing because DEATH was never in God's original plan from Creation. Death came about because of SIN. And so DEATH has a STING we all feel from losing a loved one.
I like very much your description of DEATH being God's way of receiving the one who has been TAKEN. This is such a COMFORTING thought and is also TRUE. God gives us Life. God takes us back to himself therefore God does RECEIVE us to himself. Thank you for your comforting words and explanation of God RECEIVING US BACK TO HIMSELF.
May God continue to COMFORT you in your Sorrow and Loss.

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