Taz, The most gentle, sweet kitty in the world

by Wendy J Funk
(State College, PA)

Taz-Heaven's newest Angel

Taz-Heaven's newest Angel

I lost my precious little girl kitty, Taz this morning. She was with me for 20 years, 4 months and 26 days and every one of those days she brought me joy and unconditional love. She loved me above all others and always wanted tho be with me. When she got sick nearly a month ago after an apparent stroke, I thought she only had hours to live. Instead, she rallied back and started to eat and drink when I fed her. However, she could no longer get around on her own as the stroke had left her back legs paralized, so I learned the timing for her litter box needs so that she wouldn't wet on herself, and I set my alarm throughout the night to get up with her to toilet her and feed and water her. She would lay in my arms and purr and purr and give me so much love and affection. Still, as days turned to weeks, my husband asked me how long I planned on keeping this up. Realistically, I knew that it wasn't fair to her to live her life in such a way, and yet she was pain free and I was happy to take care of her and love her for as long as it took. As it turned out, that turned out to be nearly a month. Two days ago, Taz appeared to take a turn for the worse when she began to refuse food, and took very little water. She would lay and meow at me from the nest that I had built for her, and the only thing that she seemed to want was to be held. Her beautiful green eyes began tho fill with a discharge that I constantly was gently removing, but I could see, against what I wanted to believe, that she was closing in on her final days. Then in the wee hours of this morning, I awoke with a start and scrambled to check on Taz. I found her breathing shallowly and not very focused visually. I was fairly certain that her time with me was very limited. I sat with her for two hours until I ended up falling asleep. Around 0800 I awoke, checked on Taz who appeared to be resting peacefully. That is until I brought her out and attempted to give her some water. She cried in protest when I picked her little emaciated body up, and I could see that those green eyes were not focusing. I immediately lay her back down and then noticed that she was breathing very shallowly. I picked her up and held her and within minutes my precious little girl was gone. It was agonizing to watch her agonal breathing and I spoke tender words in her ear in the hopes that she could hear me and know that I was with her. She passed in my arms and I held her for several minutes while my heart was tearing in two. I am just beginning the grieving process for this once vibrant, fun, loving, gentle and sweet girl who used to greet me with her meows each morning as I arrived home from the night shift at the hospital. The girl who "gifted" me with a tiny mole when she was a kitten. My sweet girl who would climb on my belly and knead until she found the right spot, and then lay down and sleep there all night. Who as a kitten knew no better place to sleep than right in the crook of my neck. Who welcomed my beautiful daughter, Rachel into the family when she was born 8 years ago, and lay protectively by her crib when she was an infant. My friend, my companion, and at times, my best friend, I love you. You were the best cat in the world and I am so grateful for all of the years that God lent you to me. Thank you for your unconditional love and acceptance. I only hope that you know that I loved YOU as much as you loved me, and I hope that you felt that love radiating from me to you in the end. I know that you were greeted by Dallas, Rockey and Christie as you crossed the rainbow bridge. Have fun with them. Tell them they are loved and missed. And, most of all...be free again to chase the moles, to climb your trees and to run in the fresh air. I'll see you again one day, my sweet, sweet girl! I miss you and I love you. Always. xoxo.
Taz Funk - September 21, 1992 - February 17, 2013

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Feb 19, 2013
Beautiful Taz
by: Diane

I'm so sorry for your loss! Taz sounded like a wonderful furbaby, and I'm sure she felt your tremendous love that helped her to the Rainbow Bridge. She had such a wonderful long life, I pray that my two boys will have as long and go in my arms at home like your Taz! You loved her so much to make her as comfortable as you were able to for her last month, a lot of people would not have done as you did, they would not have went the extra mile. But since she was not in pain you gave her another whole month to be with her mommy! I'm so happy for you that you were actually able to hold her in her last few moments, I know it was tremendously hard on you, and your heart was breaking, but I'm sure it meant the world to her. God bless you for your kindness, and I'll pray for Taz, my Chrissy, and all the other wonderful angels at the Rainbow Bridge.

Feb 19, 2013
Taz-Gentle and sweet in every sense
by: Sandy

Read you blog about Taz and her lovable mannerisms.You were very fortunate to have such a darling as your fur baby. You might not have realized how Twenty years ??? passed by. Yes - Such unconditional love is given to us only by our pets . In fact their life revolves around us and vice versa. It is very difficult to forget our fur babies . The Lord sends them to us with some purpose and then they are taken back . May HE give you the strength to bear the loss of Taz . My condolences to you and your family. If possible try to give another homeless Kitty a place in your home (and heart too..) later sometime which will make Taz happy in Rainbow Bridge. Take care dear.

Feb 18, 2013
by: Debi M.

Wendy -

My heart goes out to you on the loss of your beloved Taz. Wow - 20 yrs. - how wonderful to have been blessed with her for that long! My dog Shadow will be 18 in May. He is deaf and almost blind and needs help sometimes getting up; I know he will not be around much longer which makes me sad but also thankful that he has lived this long. Our fur babies give us such unconditional love - it is so hard to say goodbye. Take comfort in knowing that you took good care of her and gave her a safe and loving home.

Peace to you and God Bless,

Debi M.

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