Teddy Bear came into our life from a memory so long ago as my father was passing.

by Pam

She was the littlest of the litter. We picked her because, when we were first married the house we had moved into had mice so we borrowed one of my mom’s cat who we found out later was pregnant and had two kittens one black and one gray. In a year’s time Teddy and Chewy grew to be very large and lovable cats however my husband didn’t feel cats should be in the house and with the birth of our son I had to give them away. We never had another inside cat again until my son found some free kittens at the pet store and wanted to give one to his Uncle because his kitty was just killed on the road. After the may “no’s” from my husband, “Outback” was allowed to stay in the house. And after many years, my husband fell in love with “Outback”. He even said if one of my mom’s cat litters had a gray one we could have it.
Our dear friend, my son’s best childhood friend “Outback” passed away of cancer a number of years ago. "Outback" left us with so many wonderful memories.

As my father got sick my son and I spent a lot of time there. One day in the barn we found a new litter of kittens and one of them were gray. My son knew immediately it was ours. “Teddy Bear” she was the smallest of the litter and needed the most care. As soon as she was able to drink from the bowl we would sneak her to our house for a couple of hours and then we would take her back to her mommy. The visits got longer and soon she was at our house all the time. I made my son a sling from the blankets the kittens slept in and he carry her every where. Teddy found comfort in blankets, she would drag them around, I had to cut one down so she wouldn’t get stuck all the time.
When ever we would go anywhere we would always bring something home for her but her favorite toys were milk ring tops, the light from a flashlight, and crumpled up paper. Teddy loved to play in the desk drawer while you worked on the computer. Teddy was a good cat, I don’t think she was ever scolded; it was if she knew what was right from wrong. Teddy was not a snugger, but she was always at my side. Occasionally she would snuggle up to me and give me Teddy kisses on my neck.
When we would come in the door she would meow and hiss at us as if to say you were gone too long. She had a huge back yard to play in that my husband fixed so she couldn’t get out. But when we went beyond the fence she would sit on the rail and meow because she wanted to be with us. I could tell her anything and she would listen, she was always always at my side!

It was eleven years ago but it seams only like yesterday she came into our life. Teddy Bear my baby girl has left us this past Thursday. She has left us with so many wonderful "Teddy" memories. Now, only empty places. She will be in our hearts forever! My heart akes for her, I love her and I miss her!!!

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