Teffany Marie Gerbine Reddin 1970-2000

by Jean Gerbine

It has been almost 14 years ago that we lost our beautiful Teffany Marie at 29 years of age. She was the most beautiful baby and grew to be a beautiful woman. Both inside and out. She loved her family, her children and her God. She fought a good fight and never lost her faith. Toward the end. She said the hardest thing she ever did was to gather her 4 small children and tell them she may not make it. She ask them to please not be mad at God. Right before we lost her, she ask her pastor to come to her bedside. There she dedicated her children to God and left them in his hands. There was no safer place to put them if she had to go.
I will never understand the reason God took her from us but more importantly from her 4 children.
Our loss has been unbearable at times. The only way I can describe it is your heart keeps beating and your lungs keep sucking air whether you want it to or not. I have lost parents and other loved ones but there is no hurt like losing a child. I can only hurt that bad one more time. I pray that we are never required to do so,because thank God we still have our son.
Time has eased the pain but has not erased the memories. I never want to erase the memories, not one smell, look or laugh. To me other than loosing a loved one, the next worst thing to happen is for them to be forgotten. As long as her father and I are alive that will never happen.
It is said by many, "when I get to heaven I am going to ask God why." When that day comes and I am reunited with my beautiful daughter. It will no longer matter.

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Sep 12, 2014
My Best Friend Has Wings
by: Renea Herrin Herlacher

Teffany Marie, just the name is beautiful, but the person was amazing. She will always have a place in my heart and in my family. I have always kept her alive in my house. My kids know our story and they share it with their friends. I love sharing stories with her children and now I hope to share them with her grandchildren. Teffany always thought of others before herself and she loved to share God's word. I don't know how many times she steered me from the wrong way. She was also the strongest person I know. She was strong for her children and for her parents and her friends. She knew God had a plan and she said "let's go!" I miss her every day. I still reach for the phone to call her, but now I just talk to her picture. Keeping a person's memory alive is the best Therapy. I pray all of her children and grandchildren and friends and even people that didn't know her read this and realize how special of a person was behind that beautiful name. Yes my best friend has wings and she flies beside me everyday. I miss you more than words can describe and can't wait to see you again in Heaven. Love you bunches baby girl.

Sep 12, 2014
by: Ryans Mom

Jean - I am 3 yrs 8 months into the loss of my 28 yr old son Ryan and it still feels like yesterday. I sense from your comments that at 14 yrs I will feel the same. Something you said has struck a chord in me. When I see my son again - your right my first thought is to ask God Why -Why him ! Lord knows I have screamed this out more times that I can count - But you know what - your right, at that point it really wont matter will it ? Thank You for sharing that thought ......... Every day is one day closer until we seem them again. God Bless You.

Sep 12, 2014
Teffany Marie Gerbine Reddin 1970 - 2000
by: Doreen UK

Jean I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved very young daughter. It is part of the human condition to wonder why our loved one's are taken from us suddenly and so young, leaving behind their children without a mother.
The best way in life is to have a belief in this God who created us and gave us life. Next, to spend our lives living for God and bringing our children up to believe and realise that this life is not the end. But the beginning for the life to come. ETERNAL LIFE. If we have been fortunate to have had this opportunity to know God we are Blessed. To dedicate one's children to God for Protection and Guidance is Wise and leaves a mother with HOPE.
When a person is dying it is the hardest battle of a mother's life to know that the child she carried for 9 months and reared to be the adult she Loves is never going to be in her life again. This is the saddest part. Never seeing them on a daily basis and losing that interaction.
Losing a child is the worst experience of a mother's life.
I lost my husband to cancer 2yrs. ago and I could not understand how he was not healed when I prayed and sent prayer out all over the world. The day he was anointed for Healing was the day he died. IT WAS GOD'S WILL. My anger and disappointment was a natural response which soon turned to acceptance and the journey of healing from my grief. A very slow process of healing that can take months to years.
Even if we reach heaven and it doesn't matter why God took our loved one's. I still want to know why God did not heal my husband of his cancer and why he let me live a widow with loneliness and a solo journey. What did God protect my husband from by taking him from life when He did? Part of the human condition to want answers. May God continue to heal your heart of grief from losing your daughter and that his guidance and care will be on your grandchildren so that they will grow up Knowing and Loving God for Eternity.

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