Terrible Heartbreak

by Cody
(moberly missouri U.S.A.)

I lost my wife angel of 16 years on February 21st 2012 to cancer..my world has been totally destroyed.we were married and together for 16 years. The worst part for me is that we were never apart in that whole time, we owned or own business and worked side by side at our computers every day and were truly soul mates. we went everywhere together and we were know in our town as the smiling couple. we also had a special medical condition known as twin syndrome which is where you do the same thing at the same exact moment..only with us it would happen 3 or 4 times every day for the whole 16 years. we never had one big fight or disagreement in the 16 years we were together.we were so in love that we could see each other across the room and both have tears of joy in our eyes at the same time..it was a very special relationship and love affair..on Dec 8 2011 the doctor said she had a slight case of pneumonia and gave her some meds for it.we then went to our favorite restaurant to grab a quick lunch..while we were there eating her phone rang. it was the doctor saying a test came back and it was not pneumoina and there were two white spots on one of her lungs..73 days later she died in our living room with her daughter kathy and my self at her side from a fast moving type of cancer. the whole family is still in shock.the doctors said in 35 years of work and even there data bases in thier computers did not have anything that looked like what she had..yes even they were stunned and suprised when they finally did a lung biopsy at what they found..now I am left with no best friend no income no one here in this empty house and I feel like I am dying inside from my broken heart. I miss you angel more than I can put into words every day.I will love you 4 ever plus a day as I promised in our wedding vows..love cody.

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Apr 05, 2012
I share your grief and pain
by: Anthony

Your story is similar to mine - 16 and a half years of marriage, my childhood sweetheart whom I courted for 12 years. She was so much a part of me and I of her we had the same speech patterns and did things together, sometimes saying the same things at the same time. she quit her job to help me with mine, assisting in all the background work.

I lost my beloved Constance and she went home to Jesus on 19th March 2012 8 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer - never smoker. Hers was also a very aggressive form of cancer, but here in my country the oncologists have a very fatalistic view of advanced cancer, and literally encourage you to "go" ....sigh.

I miss her ever so much and wake up every day and go to sleep every day in tears. We had no kids, so you can imagine how lonely it is in the empty house. We did everything together and it's so difficult to do it alone now.

I emphasize and sympathize with you.

Apr 01, 2012
I know Heartbreak
by: D

I lost my Husband ( trule love) of 23 years
3:25 AM The Day after Thankgiving .I was holdng his hand but he slept right through my fngers I was trying to hold on go tight that I thought that God could not have pull him away. He did not know that he was dieing he call me that morring tell me how much he love me and that they was letting him come home today.I keep thinking that God made a bad missstated and was watting for him to take it back.IT IS SO HARD when he call my phone went to voice mail i did not know he call untill a mount later and my phone ring and it was a old voicemail it was christmas and it was the best christmas present ever when i heard his voice on the phone i bought a tape recorder and played it bachk on it and save it forever.it was a bitter sweet call and i have it save forevery.

Mar 31, 2012
The love of my life
by: Anonymous

I lost my husband January 1 2012.He was taken quickly from me within two month.We both did not know he had cancer.My life has changed so much because we did a lot together We worked together for 20 years and were married for 19. The only thing that keep me going is talking to God and asking for comfort. The only way out of grief is to go through it and it is not very fun. But it is necessary to become stronger.Whenever I feel sad and lonely I try to think of where he is and that it won't be long and I will see he again.That he is only a realm away.Life on earth is short but heaven is eternal and so is my love for my David.

Mar 29, 2012
Trust in GOD
by: Kevin

I understand your feelings I lost my wife and soul mate to cancer on Feb 5th 2012..so like you I am smack dab into this grief journey...and yes it sucks... As a fellow widower ...I have found men go through this process a lot different than women. I found Proverbs 3:5-6 to be very helpful..
Walk by faith not by sight...Take Care...

Mar 29, 2012
Heartbreak HERO
by: Bill

I too lost my beautiful bride Susan of 20 years to a lung cancer that got into her brain. I lost her Oct. 5 2011. She and I did everything together. I always carried her purse and people thought that was so kind. I love her and miss her so bad. To this day I still feel like she is going to be at home like she always was. My mind won't slow down thinking of the sweet and tender times we had. We just had each other i.e no children. I depended on her so much. She was my HERO. It is hard to have to go home or be at home w/o her. Weekends are horrible. The days are longer, spring is here and everything we planted last year has come up so beautifully. I pray for you like I pray for me to have the strength to make it in this life without the love of our lives. It's hard to imagine.

Mar 29, 2012

i just went thru the same thing almost, i lost my soulmate dec. 1, 2011. lung and throat cancer quickly, i was at his side 90 percent of the time and we did similar things we could read each others minds.. we were twins too.. even the arguments were great.. he comes to me in dreams and held me up when my mom died.. believe in God and allow your feelings to come out.. people may not understand.. you are not alone... god bless

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