by Tina

I'm 23 years old lost my dad 8 days ago,im on the internet trying to look at what are heart attacks caused from. because it seems so unreal.he was fine never had any heart problems, and im just having a very hard time excepting this,i lost my dad in 1 hour not knowing and not expecting anything.I'm the oldest in the family and have 3 younger brothers and a little sister, my youngest brother is 10 years old. i feel pain and guilt i feel that life is not worth living anymore, my mom does not sleep she has been with my dad since she was 15 years old. He was her only friend husband everything..i feel like he is just out and will come back until i get everyone saying "im sorry for your loss" :
i dont know what to do anymore, i feel that life is nothing anymore..ive had many problems and never payed any attention to what he always thought .. i feel so guilty .. i haven't sat down with him ever and explained the way i feel about him. i dont think he ever knew. he was the best father i have ever known.
i just feel to much pain..he was only 46
i dont understand he was so good and he just left us all heart broken, i dont know what to do anymore. ergghhh
i cant get hes face out of my head.
its been 8 days it feel like 8 years of pain.
it doesn't look like it will get better, it seems like everyday that passes by i realize that hes not coming back..will it ever get better.
i dont have the strength or energy to go anywhere..school,work,out.. noo where....will i ever be ok.. will i ever... i dont think i will.. i dont know how to overcome this pain ....

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Jun 05, 2012
missing my dad too
by: Anonymous

I feel for ya. I lost my Dad suddenly Aug. 2011. We were getting ready to go camping for the weekend. My Dad,Step-Mom. Me and my husband and 2my kids. He was excited because it was my kids 1st camping trip. We used to go several times a year when I was younger. He was loading the truck and came in and collapsed. I think if you have time to prepare for the death of a loved one it is easier but the shock of death is worse. Because you feel you didnt get your "formal " goodbye. I was angry. Extremly angry. I was mad at him. Then I felt guilty because I was mad. It has been 10a months now and I am still having a hard time. I am hoping it gets easier. The main thing is you have to look at the little things in life as a sign from him. My Dad was 55 when he died. I have 2to babies that miss him also. But I know he is with me everyday. Watching over me and my family. And little reminders everyday. The smell of coffee and cigarettes is one.

May 15, 2012
by: Pat J.

Tueta, I feel your pain. This awful ache in your heart, feel like part of you died.
My husband of 46 years died of a massive heart attack, sitting on the edge of our bed, on June 27,2011. Our anniversary was June 26. I too had been with him since I was 15; married him at 18, a month after I graduated from high
I love him as much today as when he was living. His love is more precious to me now that he is gone. I am so grateful to have had him in my life.
It is 10 1/2 months since his death. People will say it gets easier and better. For me, I don't think so; I'm just getting stronger. I've had alot of firsts since his death and they are hard, but I got through them.
I often feel his presence. I talk to him everyday. I have even felt his touch. It is only for a brief moment, but I am grateful for even experiencing it.
I really feel there is a better life after death. I don't fear death anymore, knowing my husband will be waiting for me along with my parents. I lost my mom, it will be 36 years on June 25th. I was 29 with 5 children, my baby was 3 months old. It was 6 years April 30th, my husband and I found my dad sleeping in his recliner at home. He had a massve heart attack in his sleep. They say my dad had a perfect death, just slept away. I was at my husbands side when he had his heart attack and I didn't realize he died. He had taken two sips from a glass of soda, put the glass on the dresser, his head went down. I didn't get a response from him, he was gone. My mom died from breast cancer; and that is a slow death and so painful at the end. My husband had the perfect death, like my dad.
You will get through this and move on. It isn't easy. Come to this site. I come to it everyday. I still shed tears and at times that awful ache appears in my chest. My heart is broken; slowly healing, but anything can rip the scar open and the tears come. Don't be araid of those tears. Embrace them and own them; they are because you have loved.
God Bless You and take it one day at a time.

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