Thank You All

by Donna

My husband Bryan and I always made the effort to let people know how we felt, whether that be good or bad. The one thing we observed over our years together is that everyone complains about the bad things in life, but no one ever tells about the good things. I would like to thank everyone from this site, I don't know how I would have survived without you all. Between you guys and my daughters who are truly my rocks, I now know that I will survive and hopefully have happiness in my life once again.

My daughter got very sad when she read one of my comments in which I told Bryan that I would see him soon. She said that it made her sad to know that I didn't want to be here with them. I told her that I did want to be here with them, that I just missed their dad very much and I want to be with him again. But that will come when it is time. When God says it is my time.

Again, thank everyone for sharing your pains and wisdom that has come from it. I hope that something that I may write will help someone else the way you have all helped me. Til next time.

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Oct 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

It's 2 am and as usual I can't sleep. Reading your post just now made me realize that when one of us begins to become stronger, it helps others
a great deal. I've suffered two losses in a year. But I have faith that I'll heal somewhere. I'm
happy for your healing that's beginning. Bless you.

Oct 08, 2010
for Donna
by: Mariana

You are so very welcome Donna. That is why we are here, to give encouragement and receive it. You have gone through one of the worst things that can happen. We too value you and care how you feel. It is completely understandable.

As I have said in other posts, I still have November to get through, as it will be a year on the 22nt of Nov since my husband went to be with the Lord. Since my birthday is Nov 20th and he had plans to take me out that makes it me sadder as he was too sick. And then with the new granddaughter enroute Dec 26th I think of how much my husband adored each new baby. He was a wonderful grandpa.

The Bible studies on Thursday evenings at church bring me comfort. We are called ''women of lightening.'' I feel God's love for me and it builds my faith and helps me to know I can get through all this.

I remember too the times my husband called me that day to say,''I do love you, you know.''
We are going to have a service on or around my birthday to remember him and my pastor will be there. I also will request that the police officer be there, the one that was at my house that morning and gave me his card ''in case I needed to talk to someone.'' I cannot say enough about our police department.

At any rate this is a time, Donna, that we need God more then ever.

My granddaughter and I placed an artificial ficus tree in back of ''grandpa's'' chair. I heard somewhere that trees represent life and someday we will be together again. As for my birthday, my daughter is planning it but it will be a different kind then the usual. I just want all 5 of my children here, no presents. They are my presents. God gave them to me. Of course the numerous grandchildren will probably be here. I have 18 of them.

Please keep posting whatever is on your mind and heart. I too have said that I wish I could be with my husband but when we pass food to the needy at church and get involved helping others I realize I am still here for a reason. Take care.

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