Thanksgiving without Mom

This is the second Thanksgiving without my mother and I am not looking forward to it. My Dad decided he wanted to be with his girlfriend on a cruise more than his own children. I was invited to my brother's house to have Thanksgiving with him and his wife, but they decided to have their dinner on Wednesday rather than Thursday because the next day they are having dinner with his wife's family. So it looks like I will be alone for Thanksgiving. Unless I decide to go to my ex husband's house and have dinner with his wife and our son. I don't know if I would feel comfortable doing this, although my son wants me to be there. My ex and I don't get along well and I don't want something to spoil Thanksgiving for our son. It sounds like he feels sorry for me because the said "No one should spend Thanksgiving alone".

Should I put my fears aside and have Thanksgiving Day dinner with my ex and his wife for my son's sake? I really don't know what to do.


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Nov 21, 2012
Bad I idea, Thanksgiving with ex and new wife
by: Manny

Hard decision my friend and a bit complicated but doing it for your son is not the answer.
Find an alternative dinner spot.......good luck !

Nov 21, 2012
I hope you're able to overcome the pain!
by: Manny

Is not the same as the loss of your Mother I realize that but I lost my MBB (My Best Buddy) in the world May 14 2012. And my life has changed forever for I loved her with every fiber in my body and I miss her so much, that it seems that I can't move on. Is difficult, specially when your Father seems to be insentative to your pain of loss but time will help you to move on and hopefully, the good memories and best wishes Mom had for you will take hold of your spirit and give you hope & purpose. I move on and little by little the grief is more bearable. I hold on to our good times, photos, videos and all those little things that made my life better when she walked amongs us joyous. Now everything is a first when it comes to many things from now on without your Mom. But I am sure your Thanksgiving will turn out to be a bit better. Close your eyes and say what you feel to the spirit of your Mother and I believe it will ease and clear your thoughts. Sounds a little crazy/weird I know but try it because all things are possible, even after her departure !
I wish/hope all the best with your inner struggle and that soon, things in your will fall into place. Have a happy life in spite of it all PEACE......your not alone

Nov 18, 2011
Mom is gone.
by: Tony

I have 2 brothers, and me, our Mom died in February. She was all we have, as we are unmarried. Her birthday would been November 1st, its been very hard on us. Now Thanksgiving is coming. You have my deepest sympathy in your loss. I have no children, but it seems to me a little time privately with your son might cheer you? A small dinner at a restaurant if that`s possible? with love, Tony

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