by Donna

Well the day has come and gone. We did absolutely nothing. I was sick Wed. which kept me in bed all day and night. Forgot to take the turkey out of the deep freeze, Bryan always did that. We did give thanks for each other, but that was about all we could come up with. We lost Grandmother which was the last link to hold the main family together, she died in Jan. of this year. Then we lost Bryan July 23rd of this year. He was the rock of my family.

Then we lost Ty, a family cat that we had for about 12 years. Then we lost Mandy Lynn on the 22nd of this month. Bryan got her for me in 1996 as a birthday present. She was the most beautiful cat we have ever seen, she was a solid white angora. She was the cat we had always dreamed of having as part of our family. Bryan and I often talked about how hard it was going to be when she passed, as she was getting old for an animal. See she was the first FAMILY pet our kids ever remember having.

Bryan is supposed to be here to help us with her passing, but he's not. It is so hard to find much of anything to be thankful for. I still have to remember that I have wonderful children and grandchildren to be thankful for. Bryan please help me to take one day, one breath, one second at a time. We all love you and miss you so much that it hurts

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Nov 30, 2010
One Down
by: Zoe

It has gone, this day of thanksgiving,
we no longer have our normal our traditions, what we always do. there is no always..
so we take what we can stand and move forward.
we don't have a choice, life moves us along. it is like being in a boat without a paddle, no longer in control, no longer having a say in what is or how we feel.

I think that is the part of being Widow that people do not understand, we know, without a doubt, that no matter what plans or safety precautions or how hard you try, it can be ripped away in an instant. All of the safety nets we thought we had are just illusions. Others don't want to see what we see and know what we know.

So we move where the boat takes us. Know that you have the ones you love, and you have us,
come here and write let us know how you are.
we are always here to listen

one step one breath one day at a time

Nov 28, 2010
Being strong

I know how hard it is to go about business as though things are "Normal" when they are not. We need to take over the things that hubby did, as well as adjusting to not having our best friend to talk when we have had a good or bad day. There is no vent. As the upcoming holidays come up it would be so much easier to crawl into bed pull the covers over out head and wait for it to be over. You have Daughters that you need to be strong for if I recall. It is hard I know, I sometimes wish that I did not have to be "strong" for anyone. Lean on us, we are here for you anytime and I hope that you feel better both physically and mentally. It is hard not to weep over what we had instead of smile for what we do.
All thoughts are with you...

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