the best mom ever

by Evan Hawks

My Mom how do I even start,I loved my Mom more then anything in the world.She was alway there for me,She loved me more then anything,the whole year of 2012 my Mom kept getting sick,like just kinda like Flu symtoms and she go to the Urgent care and they'd just say it's the flu of brocitis or something like that well one day the pain was too bad for her to handle,we took her to the doctors well I satyed home thinking it would be just like any other Doctors vist she went to but turns ou she had a blood clotting dieses call Vasculitis,and she was really really sick with all sorts of things wrong shehad a couple hear attacks this all happend at Henry Ford Hospital,let me tell you if your looking for a hospital go there its an amazing place amazing staff great nurses,and well im 13 and well we were there everyday all day for 6 weeks for 7am to 10pm,and id get bored so I made friends with the candy counter girls the lunch lasdies the informiation dress ladies and men,everyone in that hospital knew who I was they were amazing and there even was a great janitor,one women her name is Joyce Simmons,what an amazing women kinda hearted great I mean GREAT stories we'd laugh we'd cry when my mother was in that Hospital bed it felt like Joyce was a amazing motherly influince,people say I bet you dont wanna go back to another Hospital or even look at one and I say,no your wrong I loved that Hospital more then anything it was truly my home my family was there my friends were there,Most importently my Mom was there but I keep in touch will ALL.the staff i visit there every once in a while,I want that lifestyle back,I loved that lifestyle everyday i think how amazing it would be to still be at that Hospital just knowing my mom was there and my friends and family people I hadnt seen in forever were there for weeks on end and I loved it.....I think im the only person who loves the hospital there mother died in.But I know if my mother was gonna die in any I want it to be that one......

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