The Bravest Man I Knew

by Sabrina Henderson
(United States)

I lost my father on January 4, 2011.I was only 14 when he passed on. He was the bravest man i knew. In the summer of 2009, my father was diagnoed with espophagus cancer. During the time he was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood sugar. Though he had many health issues and it seemed like every weekend he was in the emergancy room, he braved through his battle and resived his last radiation therapy on October 16, 2009. In the December of that year, he went through a surgical procedure to take out the cancer in his esophagus and was cancer free, until the next year. Unfortunantely, the following year he was diagnosed with liver cancer. The following two weeks i became his personal nurse because of my mom working, and my two older siblings lived in other towns. On New Years Eve of 2010, my father was admitted in the hospital for the last time. For my last three days of winter break, I spent my time keeping a vigil eye on my dad. On the night before my dad died, my mother told me to go home with my sister so that I can get ready to go back to school.I obeyed my mom and my sister brought me to her house to sleep over. At about 6am i was ready to head to school, but instead my sister told me that I was to go to the hospital because my dad was doing so poorly and they had to take him off life support. We rushed to the hospital to find my uncle, who was visiting us at the time, sitting on a chair next to my dad. He began to explain to us what was going on and when they expect my father to pass on.Then me and my siblings all took turns saying how much we loved him and try tocomfort him .A priest walked in the room and gave us and my father a blessing. After the blessing, the nurse told us she had to wash my dad before the life support was cut off. my family decided to grab a quick meal and come back to say ourlast goodbyes. my father passed at 11:42am that day.For the next couple of days I didn'talk much and stayed out of school for a week, until the funeral. Right now,it's been alittle over a year since he passed but me and my mom have been doing fine. I miss him alot ad sometimes get lonely during the day, because he's not around to cheer me up. But, I relized he is always with me.When i drink a rootbeer float, it reminds me of how it was our drink.And when I need a laugh i think of how funny he was andalways made me laugh. Anditbrings mepeacethat he isn't in pain anymore and is in better place with my grandparents and my old cat. I hope that this story brings you peace and comfort and in hopes that one day, you will meet your loved one,one day.

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