The Day he died, a piece of me died with him ='(

by Gloria Gallardo
(Modesto, Ca, USA)

the love of my life & Mee , our last picture 2gether

the love of my life & Mee , our last picture 2gether

='( Love can b lost in many ways, but mine was lost tragically, November 26, 2011 The day ill never 4get... This day I watched My Hubby, My best friend, My other half, My Everything & father 2 my baby's, get brutally murdered right before my eyes... I tried 2 help him but it was useless, I failed him, I couldn't stop it. The sounds he made of pain & agony linger in my head, & the horrible images haunt me every single day. I cried out 2 Sammy, wanting it 2 b over, begging God 4 him 2 b ok'. I dnt understand why God would want me 2 witness such a horrible sight..? N He's gone now n he's never coming back no matter how much I cry, I didn't even get 1 last kiss, 1 last I Love u or get 2 say goodbye. I still cnt truly accepted it. But I'm learning 2 live wit it day by day. Cuz I kno I have 2 lil parts of him 2 b strong 4. 2 little life's that truly need a strong mother My beautiful daughter Evanah & our handsome son Zadian. I know their daddy looks down on us & watches ova us each & every day. I still & always will love & miss u Sammy... Knowing u were real & what we had gives me strength 2 keep my head up & b a great mother 2 our baby's (tears) ='( <3 RI.P. Samuel A Gallardo 2/26/89-11/26/11, My Loving husband of 7 wonderful years<3 XOXO Till I c u again<3

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Feb 21, 2012
Praying for you
by: Lorraine

I am so sorry for your loss. Its such a nightmare, i can relate to alot of what your story is. My fiance was killed inside of our home, in front of me and our two little boys. I couldnt save him either. Its only been 6 months. But your right, those memories are always there, every single day!! I wish i would wake up from this nightmare, but like you, I have to be strong for our children..I wish you the best, stay strong and if you need someone to vent to or just chat with, get you can talk to me. I know its always easier when someone has a similar story! Take care

Jan 25, 2012
The day he died he took a piece of you
by: M Mack


This is so tragic for you to face day in and day out. I am sorry you have to live in such pain, visions painted in your mind. You can come through this and eventually you will gain the momentum you need to persevere. Your children need your support now more than ever. We all have questions why we are left to survive heartache. We all question if we were randomly chosen. Know your love is with you and your family in spirit. He won't let you down so show him you can do this. Use this site and read other posts. You will find you are not alone. This place has been a lifeLine for me so to speak for 18 months and I know it's nearing a time I should move forward. You have my prayers and heartfelt sympathy. Take care of yourself and remember, one breath, one step, one day at a time.

Jan 25, 2012
So sorry
by: David

I am so sorry.....tragic.. I can say it will get better and it will, but for now all I can say is I feel your pain

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