The Death of my Grandmother

by Tayla

Hello everyone who is reading this I can't get over the best grandmother anybody could ask for I'm am currently 10 years of age here is my story. My nonna lived with me and my mom and dad she died 4 months ago of Liver Failure.

July 20th 2012: at 1:00am my dad woke up because my nonna was moaning In pain due to her leg ulster my dad went to go see if she was alright but she was sound asleep...... She infant wasn't asleep she was in a coma, her organs have shut down but her heart was still going.

July 21st 2012:At 7:00 am palliative care came to check on her the nurse took the morphine out of her leg and she opened her eyes for the last time of her life. Then she went back into her coma. At 8:00 am my uncle( her son ) came over and my dad called my mum (her daughter) we knew she was going to die we didn't know when. At 1:00 pm I was crying so hard because we knew she would never wake up again she was still in a coma and her heart was beating. So me and my mum gave her, her red necklace and put some blush on her . her favourite color was red. At 6:00 pm her breaths were getting slower and slower. At bout 9:58 my uncle went to go and check on his kids ( her grandsons ) and he said to my nonna who is still in a deep coma "don't go anywhere yet". at about 10:00 I went to go and check on her and her breaths were really slow I told her I loved her so much and I always will. She could still hear us but she was unresponsive. At 10:06 pm on the 21st July 2012 my mom went to go get a coffee and walked past her room and my nonna was as white as a ghost with her eyes open we knew she had gone. My dad ran into her room and started crying and opened the window. I was outside of the room on my hands and knees crying so hard and begging that this is not happening. We called my uncle and told her that his mum had died.when he got hear he was balling his eyes out and screaming and crying.

22nd July 2012: in the morning my une came back over and I went into my Nonnas room and she had a smile on her face. We all knew she was happy after all those years of suffering and pain. I kissed her for the last time. When me and my uncle and my mum went outside there was no clouds. Just sun. She bought out the sun for us. That night she came into m dreams and told me she was alright and that she loved me.

I am now still 10 years of age and still cry my heart out whenever I tell this story but I know she is in a better place. I witnessed her right up until the end because she lived with us and we all knew she was dying and she knew it as we'll it was just a matter of when she would pass away.


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