The Doctor's should've followed protocal, I would still have my amazing mom

by Erin

My mom lived many good years with rheumatoid arthritis. Her medicine (methotrexate, I believe) wasn't working as well as it had in the past. Her doctor decided to put her on humaira, however he neglected to follow protocal and test her for hepatitis b. Turns out she had it(hep b) and the two or three doses of humaira caused 90% liver damage. She was only on humaira for a couple of months. When we first found out around 4/9/12 the dr's simply said strict bed rest and her body would regenerate the damaged liver. They called back a few hours later and said they wanted to take a more aggressive approach and put her on viread to fight the problem. After a few days of strict bed rest, her skin was turning very yellow, her liver enzymes doubled and they decided to call the local hospital and arrange a bed for her. She went to the hospital about five hours later and still waited hours for a room. She was given a room the evening of Wednesday, 4/11/12. I went to see her Thursday night and the doctor explained to my brother and I that she would be getting a liver transplant (free of charge, because they were going to make her a case study, seeing as she lived a healthy life and was a good patient to give a liver transplant). I asked the dr how quickly the process of a liver transplant would go. I wanted to be sure I would have enough time to find a caregiver for my grandma so I could be sure to be there when my mom got the transplant. He told me "most people think everything happens really fast because of shows like Grey's anatomy, but in real life it is a much slower, carefully planned out procedure." We were assured that she was the number one person on the liver donor list for Michigan and liver transplant was a routine procedure that could actually be beneficial to her health, giving her a healthy liver to fight her Rhuematiod arthritis with new strength. On Friday, 4/13/12 I stayed at home because my mom said she felt best having me at home to care for my grandma (her mom). On Saturday, 4/14/12 around 1pm I got a phone call to come up to the hospital so the doctors could have a discussion with the family before proceding with the liver transplant. I asked to talk to my mom and as they were handing her the phone, my brother walked in and said he saw the phone just drop out of her hand, her blood pressure plummeted and they kicked my brother and step-dad out of the room, saying we will stabilize her and meet with you in 45mins to discuss the procedure w/the family. I got to the hospital and joined my family and we waited. At 3pm my step-dad went back to check on her, the dr's told him again that they just needed to stabilize her and they would be out to talk to us about the liver transplant soon. Somewhere around this time we saw the healthy liver arrive, carried in a cooler by a nurse who was frantically running towards my moms room. We continued to wait, never getting a single update from anyone. Finally around 6pm my step dad again went to her room to check how things were going. He came back to the waiting area followed by the doctor who was fumbling with the words "we just lost the battle" "there's nothing we can do." "it's just so rare that a person goes so quickly into liver failure" I said I wanted to see her one last time no matter what she looked like. Around 6:15pm they brought us in the room to say goodbye to my unconscious mom. The eventual cause of death was internal bleeding so she was extremely swelled up. Her stomach looked as if she were 9 months pregnant, her hands were very swelled as I held her right hand for the last time. Her face was also very swelled up and she looked as if she had been beaten with a brick, all bruised, black and blue. She was intibated (on a breathing tube) and she was hooked up to machines that were pumping her heart. I kissed her on the forhead and told her the words we had discussed me saying to my grandma when faced with the situation of being the last person with her at the time of death. Those words were, " it's ok to let go mom, we're all going to be ok, I'll take good care of grandma for you. It's ok too let go and be with papa and Tommy (her brother who died in vietnam), it's ok to let go now mom the family will be ok, we all love you." I watched as she took her last breath and her heart beat it's last beat, I held her hand and cried. My mom was my best friend, the reason I am alive today, my partner in taking care of grandma, my support system (both financially and emotionally). I miss you mom and I really wish I could talk to you again...I love you

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May 02, 2012
Sometimes doctors are just too confident in themselves with almost god like complexes
by: Erin

When the doctors tell you for WEEKS that she's gonna be fine, with strict bed rest, she'll recover no's so hard to believe when they're wrong and she isn't fine, and everything isn't ok.

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