(Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)


We had dinner together,
the night before your
final journey.
Happy was that night.

You woke early in the morning
of the last day of our light.
Dressed for the ride
to the memorial of
the young man that had died.

Sad for the father,
who is in so much pain.
Losing his son,
as if in vain.

Meeting with friends,
telling tales of good times.
Eating and drinking
together for the last time.

Your final chat with a very dear friend,
at the familiar place you popped in.
Saying cheers for now,
I’ll see you next time.

Jumping on the bike to
take you home,
to Mom and her stew,
that you enjoyed so much.

A cold winters’ day at dusk,
travelling along the freeway.
Not knowing you would
take your final journey
that day.

In a moment you were looking
down at the scene,
Where you had been hit
and died in between.

Alone on the freeway,
without a chance to say goodbye.
How you wished you could
see your family one last time.

Your name had been called,
from God’s special book.
You answered immediately,
and crossed over for good.

You watch as Daddy and your brother looked at
your lifeless body.
So broken and crumpled
on the roadside that dusk.

How they screamed for you
to wake up and be whole.
Not wanting to leave you
all alone.

You watch as your brother
tried to pick you up.
To take you home to Mom,
to put you to bed.

You watched as Daddy
gathered up your crumpled body.
He folded you in his arms,
and stroked your hair,
with soothing words
of how much he cares.

It was time to leave
to heal the broken body.
Your spirit needed time
to adjust to the horror
of death so tragic.

You took your final journey
that fateful day.
It was your final breath
that had been counted down.

by Lesley Couzens

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