The Greatest Love I ever Known- My Mother

by wayne
(Miami, FL)

Today is the first day I live without you physically here with me. The sense of loss is overwhelming and painful. It is so hard to awaken for the first time without you. My existence was tied to your life in everyway. You were the one person in this world that I always knew loved me unconditionally, that would put me above her own life, that would endlessly want me to be happy, safe, and successful. You delivered me and nurtured me. You gave me my brothers and sisters and the comfort of family, you led me to safely, protected and defended me when I was lost and scared throughout my life. You offered me your sweet kiss and warm embrace every opportunity. The reality that my mind, body and soul is connected to you beyond all other people, things, and experiences on earth combined has never been so evident as it feels right now.

I love you Mom with every breath I take, with every second that passes. I will miss you forever

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Mar 19, 2014
I understand your pain
by: Becky

Every word you wrote is how my heart feels. I loss my Mother 7 months ago, and I cry for her every day. Not one day passed that I didn't see her or talk to her. In her eyes, her daughter was perfect. I knew she loved me when I felt like others didn't. She was always there for me. I could tell her anything. I hurt for her every day, and I so long to hear her voice. I do take comfort in knowing that she is in heaven, well & alive, and walking on streets of gold. I know that I will see her again some day. She is in a place I can not see, but some day I will. I will be praying for you and your pain, for you to be blessed with family & friends to be there for you.

Mar 09, 2014
You made me cry...
by: Leona

I feel your loss, I share your pain. The loss of a mother is really really painful. I lost my beloved mom last January 15 and I haven't been the same since then. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I just can't express them the way you did. Thank you...

Mar 05, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have tears running down my face as a read this. My mother has be gone two years and reading about your mother was like reading about my mother. The pain of missing her each day has not eased with time but the ache increases daily. How can you be the same when your best friend, biggest fan, the only person in my life who loved me totally unconditionally.....who lived for now gone.....the emptiness is so deep and profound......I totally understand the depths of your pain as I am living it each day (if this can be called living, it is only surviving)

Mar 05, 2014
The Greatest Love I ever Known- my Mother
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of your beloved mother. No one can ever replace her. I am a mother and I know we have an in built love to nurture and care for our children. Being a Parent is the best job in the world. A fulfilment that can't be expressed in words. But it is built out of sacrifice that no mother could ever abandon. It also helps if we as mother's were nurtured in a way that makes it easy to nurture our own children. Sadly many people did not have this in their life and will suffer a loss forever. There are so many losses we go through in life. Losing a mother is the hardest to bear. But for many of us losing a spouse or child is the worst experience we go through. I lost my mother 11yrs. ago and my grief was felt only after I lost my husband 22 months ago. It is not easy to grieve. Many of us become so numb we go into shock and find it hard to come out of this. Often a good grief counsellor can help here. I hope in time that you will find Peace in life to continue your journey and be successful.

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