The grief walk

by Kate
(Texas USA )

Walking across a bridge
Made of old wood and rope
Strung across a raging river
It sways back and forth
Side to side as we step on,
It is a fragile bridge
But we must make it across
We have been thrown onto it,
Backwards the land is gone
The river below will swallow us up
If we should fall in and survival would be
A whirlpool constantly bashing us around
We step carefully,scared,feeling weak,
Knowing we must cross.
The other side has solid land,where we
Can rest from this weary hard walk over
The bridge.
Daily we take the steps,our footing insecure
Knowing we have to go forward,across it
We slip and get hurt,we bruise in the walk
We sit down and suffer and we get up again
And walk
Step by step we go nearer to the other side
Where we can sit and rest and look back at
The crumbling bridge we had to walk on and
The river so fierce and we say: I made it here,
Somehow I got here and we finally relax
From the bridge of grief that we walk daily.
How long it takes us,each one is different
But we walk together just at different times.

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Feb 20, 2013
The grief walk
by: Louisa Okoro

Thank you Kate. You have vividly described the terrain of this rough, difficult and painful journy. You have spoken for all of us. We surely will be reunited with our absent angels someday, no doubt about that, meanwhile will soldier on because that is what our lost angels will want us do.

Feb 19, 2013
The Bridge
by: Lynne

A year later...I feel that I'll struggle on this bridge forever. I hope that when I do reach the other side I'll be with my daughter again. That day will ironically be "the best day of my life".

Feb 18, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

This has been and still is part of my journey.

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