Dear mum,

I never heard you shout or criticise us your children, you always gave so much confidence. My father use to call me names but you had compassion on my disability.
You even bought me expensive glasses and makeup to disguise the problems.

Why did you suffer so much ? love you so much I keep going over and over in my mind if I could have got you into hospice care sooner.

I have no husband/partner children or close friends. You understood how difficult it would be and told me to be strong and remember the many good times.

If any of those who use this website can get back to me
and comfort me I would be so grateful. IT HAS BEEN A BAD FEW WEEKS SINCE MY MUM DIED.


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Aug 10, 2012
by: Roops

I know u r going thru probably the toughest time of ur life. Now wen I look bak every small prob of mine seems nothing coz my mom was there to c me thru. Now I also feel v lonely n sad. A mothers love is beyond explanation n I feel sorry for myself that at such a young age I lost her. Had so much more to do in life with her. Anyways. I don't know how old u r but no matter what age u ll always miss ur mom. I miss her every min of the day. It's bn 15 months but even now if I m not sad( which is v rare ) I m either angry or shocked. So it will take u time. Just don't stop urself from to someone or share on this site. Trust me it does help a bit. Rest v have to fight our own battles. Confide ur flngs with whoever u think will understand. Preferably someone who has also lost someone of their own coz others will never ever understand. Norther how much they love u n want to help u. I wish u all the best. Tk cr.

Aug 10, 2012
by: Dee U.K.

Dear Grieving daughter I am so sorry for your loss of your mother. You say you have a disability and your mother was sensitive and caring towards you but your father wasn't. This is sad when you are made fun of with a disability. Do you have cousins? brothers, or sisters, aunts, uncles, or someone who would be able to support you in your grief? If you find things difficult find a grief counsellor who will be able to support you well and help you work through your grief till you are able to move forward better. You had a good mother who was very encouraging to you and built you up, didn't tear you down. this is good. this will enable you to to go through life with confidence. things will get better further down the line. Grief has to run its course and you will know when you don't get so upset you know you are on your way to recovery. You say you don't have friends, or a husband/partner. You seem to be all alone and this will intensify your grief. Do you belong to a Church? This is a good way of making friends and finding God and a purpose in your life. this will sustain you in the difficult days ahead. You are not alone. Everyone on this website will do their best to support you and help you through the difficult days. I wish you all the best in the future.

Aug 10, 2012
Injustice of your suffering
by: Pat J.

It sounds like you had a great relationship with your mother. That will be your comfort in your journey of grief.
It was 36 years for me on the 25th of June my mom passed away. She was 50 years old when she lost her battle to breast cancer; which she battled for 11 years. It was the day before my 11th wedding anniversary and my baby wss 3 months old. I was 29, married with 5 little children.
My mother was also my best friend. I missed her terribly. I still do. After all these years; I still get tears thinking of things she missed out on.
Our life does go on. I am finding that
out more so than ever. It was one year on the 27th of June that my husband, Red(his nickname-real name Leonard) died from a massive heart attack. Yes, he died the day after our 46th wedding anniversary.
We will always have this ache in our hearts for them. We keep them safely tucked in our hearts. My dad died from a massive heart attack, six years ago in April. That is a very quick and peaceful death. I am so grateful, Red died that way. It doesn't lessen my grief and loneliness for him. I have a large family with our children, grandchildren, family and very close widow friends.Yet there are times I feel so alone. I remind myself, I am not alone. God is walking with me; as is the spirit of my husband.
Seek out people whom have experienced your type of loss. That really helps. I still get jealous seeing others who still have their parents. Yes, now I am 65; a parent and grandparent myself.
We don't know God's plan is for us. We just have to accept it and take it one day at a time. You will go on. There will be many days of; like me going to the phone to call my mom, and then realizing she isn't here anymore. I just look up to the heavenly sky and talk to her still. I talk to my husband everyday; that is my way of keeping him alive for me.
There isn't an easy way out of our grief. We have to just take it one day at a time.
Come to this site often. It has really helped me. I don't always make comments; but I read others comments and I can so relate to them
God Bless You. You will make it One Day at a Time.

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