The Last Sit & Shake

by Jennifer
(Lake Orion, MI)



If I had known it would be the last time Oliver sat and extended his paw for me, I would have never let go.........

It started off as any usual Sunday did, except this Sunday (July 17, 2011) our youngest daughter was to be baptized. So, instead of his usual morning walk and tummy rub, Oliver ate & went to his kennel until we returned home. This day was hot & humid, so I wanted to get Oliver outside as soon as we got home and before it got too hot. He spent much of the afternoon outside on his tie out, running back and forth in the yard as he has on so many occasions. I kept checking on him for signs of heat exhaustion and to make sure he had enough water. Around 4 pm I noticed he had jumped the fence and was lying in the grass under the shade. I asked my husband to open the gate and bring him back inside the fence so he didn't get tangled up. At that time I went to refill his water bowl. I brought the water to him & told him to sit. He followed command and promptly extended his white paw, paws I just loved because they looked liked he was wearing socks since his fur was brown and all four paws were white. I shook that paw and then gave him a pat on the head before returning inside. I told myself that I should probably bring him inside since it was really warm outside. We had company over celebrating the baptism of our daughter and an hour later, after the company departed, my heart suddenly sank when I remembered that I had forgot to bring Oliver back inside.

I ran outside and saw Oliver's tie out over the fence near the shaded part of the tree where he likes to lay. I called his name and the chain didn't even budge, I knew he was in trouble. I screamed for my husband, who ran over to where I was. Oliver was lying on the ground near the shaded tree and he was not responding to touch or sound. My husband scooped him up and carried him up the house. I ran inside and grabbed as much ice and ice packs as I could find. I returned to where my husband was trying to cool and rehydrate Oliver with water. I sat down where he lay, not even caring that I was getting soaked in the process. His heart was beating, but we could not see any breathing. I tried to perform CPR, while the ice and water was cooling his overheated body.

I tried so hard to save my first "baby", but I just couldn't do it and he died in my arms. Today my heart is broken and I am struggling with the intense grief I am experiencing. Oliver was 5 yrs old and way too young to die. I never thought in a million years that I only had one more handshake with my puppy. It was a horrible reminder of how quickly life changes in a moment. Our loss was tragic and heartbreaking. And while I know that I must let him go with the Lord to the Rainbow Bridge, I will also miss him every single day until I see him again in Heaven.

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Oct 14, 2011
my heart goes out to you
by: roger

I loss my casey about 2 months ago I had her for 14 years i am having a very difficult time coming to terms with her death she was my little fur child I am crying as i write i feel your pain i plan to see her again at rainbow bridge it's so hard.

Jul 28, 2011
Warm Thoughts to you from Grayling, MI
by: Marcia

I am so very sorry for your loss. I have posted my own story of my recent accident with my beloved girl. For me it has not yet been 24 hours, but I slept very little last night knowing what I had to do today, had no naps today, and simply can't understand where all these tears keep coming from and why I can't sleep even now. Your baby was a handsome boy who will never have to know the pain or hurts that "old age" brings on. Take care of you and your family as you heal.

Jul 20, 2011
Thank You
by: Jennifer (Oliver's Mommy)

Thank You to those that have read our story and left such heartwarming support for us to read. While we are still intensely grieving the loss of our beloved Oliver, it does help to hear words of support from fellow pet grievers. My heart goes out to each and every one of you that have lost your cherished animals and I pray that your grief is eased in time.

We miss Oliver everyday, but we hope that by sharing his story that it will prevent another animal's untimely death. I urge you all to follow your instincts, if you think it is too hot outside, don't wait to bring your animals may only get one chance. Love and cherish your animals while they are here because in a moment they could be gone.

May peace warm the hearts and souls that are grieving tonight and God Bless our animals that loved us unconditionally while they were here and who wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

~ Jennifer

Jul 19, 2011
Comfort In Your Grief
by: geoffrey pyne campbell

I recently lost a pet and have been in deep grief but I want to tell you that I got down on my knees and asked God if He loved my pet too. I told God my pet was my child, but I asked that if He loved my pet as His child, may I place my finger randomly in His Word, and may it land on a verse that has the word "child." I then claimed some verse promises that I have memorized. While still on knees from whence I was praying and weeping, I proceeded with my eyes closed and placed my finger within, now opening its pages with my finger pressed hard,I was afraid to read the passage. I landed in Jeremiah chapter one, and as I slowly lifted up the tip of my finger, there beneath it was the word "child." I wept hard, but now they were tears of joy!

Jul 19, 2011
my heart goes out to you
by: greg

i am so sorry for your loss of oliver. what a beautiful looking dog. i am myself learning to deal with a loss. my boston terrier also died in my arms on the 13th. in the past week i have learned about how much our animals love us. you did the same thing with oliver that you did any other time. gave him your complete love. this was a freak accident that i don't think no matter how you look at it you had no control over what happen. the creator has decided that your wonderful oliver needs to come home to rainbow bridge. i know it seems unfair that such a young healthy dog should die, but you had no control over that. as loving owners we do what can to provide for our babies and protect them from harm. i can see from the picture of oliver that he was loved and will taken care of. your grieving is felt by ever single person that has read your posting. my heart is sad for your loss.
god bless you and remember that oliver see's your grieving and would not want you to feel guilty

Jul 19, 2011
by: Anonymous


Your story is heartbreaking and made me cry a million tears reading it. You have joined a club you probably never wanted to become a member of, those brokenhearted souls who have also lost dear pets. While I can't say the pain ever goes away, it does ease into a dull ache with time.

~ Fellow pet griever

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