The long fight

by Lisa
(New Berlin, WI, USA)

My handsome orange tabby passed away this morning after being with me for 14 years. The poor little guy has been through so much, starting with being diabetic and needing insulin for about a year, then having about four different episodes of pancreatitis. About 2 years ago he began to gradually lose weight, going from about 17 pounds to a final weight of 6 pounds. It took almost a year to finally figure out that he had IBD. Because of his history of diabetes and pancreatitis, we had to be cautious with treatment, and began with switching his food to a hypoallergenic rabbit based food, he seemed to really like it and began to even put on some weight, but I think it was to little to late, he was throwing up almost everyday for the past couple weeks until I don't think his little body could take anymore and he went into congestive heart failure. And now here I sit, wondering if I should have done more and if he would still be here. He has been by my side through so much in my life, I only hope he felt the same and new that this final decision did not come easy. I would do anything in the world to have him back, he was such a compassionate friend and only wanted to please. I can hardly bear being in my house without him here, I feel so empty inside like a huge part of me has just been ripped out. Will it ever get better? The worst part is sleeping and not having him curled up right next to me...I keep hoping to see him in his usual spots around the house like this is just a really bad dream. He gave so much to me, I want him to know I love him more than words can say and my heart is broken. I miss him pawing at me in the middle of the night to wake up, I miss seeing his little hop up the stairs behind me. I love you my sweet Oscar, you will be forever missed and forever in my heart.

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Jan 07, 2015
The Long Fight
by: Nadine

Lisa, I know somewhat how you must feel being a cat lover myself and losing 4 of our pets in just a few years. Two of them ran away and we never found out what happened to them. One was badly injured as a kitten and never really recovered from it. One was attacked by a dog, we think. The regrets and "what ifs" are always there. I think it is part of the grieving process to wonder or feel like we could or should have done more to keep them with us. I once heard someone say "you do the best you know how to do at that time" and it stuck with me. The passing of time has helped me but i will always miss my furbabies. I have separate little memorials set up for all of them and hope they are looking down on them. My heart goes out to you and the heartache i know you have right now. May you find peace in time as you remember your sweet Oscar. Nadine

Jan 06, 2015
The Long fight
by: Doreen UK

Lisa Pets give us so much love and pleasure in life and when we lose them it is the worst feeling ever. It is not having them around anymore and that empty lonely feeling that crushes us and we feel we will never get over it. But you will in time. You just have to take ONE DAY AT A TIME. Allow yourself to feel your grief knowing it won't feel like this forever which it feels like now. I was surprised at how I recovered when I lost so many pets that I felt so crushed at that moment. I thought I would never recover. OH! how I missed my birds. Flying out of the cage on the coldest day in which they would not have survived. one dying in my cupped hands. I felt my world had ended. I gave the rest of my birds to an Aviary where they would have the space to develop and fly in a better environment. I will never regret the experience of owning them and loving them till they left. Nothing can ever take our experiences away. MEMORIES that will last forever. You will recover and perhaps in time give yourself time to do this all over again. Knowing that you will one day lose another pet. But you won't deny yourself loving them and having the pleasure of company and fulfillment that a pet gives us. It all depends on how we look at our experiences and knowing that we all pass through this world and we leave a legacy.
My sister is wondering if she is making the right decision to hold on to her Westie knowing he is dying of cancer and he has no quality of life. None of us can feel guilty for the decisions we make. We do it for the right reasons. Even if we make a mistake we have to forgive ourselves. Because it is never easy to make a hard decision. Best to not feel any regret. We do what we have to at the time. My sister will be going through this soon if she has to put her Westie to sleep. She had him for 17yrs. I feel the pain for her also. Losing my pets, my husband and my father. We just don't know what life holds for us so best we enjoy each day and put many good things in our life to make it better. I am sorry for your loss of Oscar.

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