The Long Goodbye

by Gary Egge
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

Through eyes full of tears
Memories from all the years
I often sit and wonder why
Pondering this long goodbye

In April of two thousand eleven
The Lord took you to heaven
You left and went away
On that fateful day

If you could only see
What it's done to me
To lose the life I knew
So lonely, so sad, so blue

All I want to do is cry
And breath a heavy sigh
With you went my heart
We will always be apart

I don't know what to do
Now that I'm without you
Dealing with all the sorrow
Not caring about tomorrow

It's just that I don't care
For a life that I can't share
Now all I can do is try
To finish this long goodbye

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May 08, 2012
response to Judi
by: Gary

Thank you for your kind words. It's been a little over a year now since my wife passed away and there hasn't been a day that has gone bye that I haven't thought about her. A part of me left with her and I long to fill the void that it has created. Loneliness and emptiness are my companions now. The essence of who I was has changed forever. That's what people don't understand, I can't feel whole without someone to share this life with. It's not just a desire, it's a need. The secure feeling and comfort of knowing that someone special is waiting at home is gone. Without that my world is dark and grey, each and every day. I'm alive, but I'm not really living, I'm just going through the motions. No satisfaction, joy, or incentive. I'm just sleeping, eating, and breathing. The pain has gone away and I'm not as sad as I used to be, but still, I wouldn't wish this upon anyone.
Sincerely, Gary

May 07, 2012
Never goodbye
by: Judi

Gary this is a beautiful poem and I felt almost every word of it. I lost my soulmate July 22, 2011 and while I did say goodbye then after 10 months I now know that goodbye was the wrong thing to say. Never goodbye because he is with me everyday. In thought, tears, memories, love so it will never be goodbye. Only "Till we meet again", that is all I live for. Yesterday I bought another anniversary for my husband. It said words that I wish I had said to him. "My world was complete the day I married you. You're the man I adore, my dream come true". I did tell him that I was never complete until he walked into the room. Never goodbye Bob, until we meet again.

Feb 02, 2012
reply to Pat J
by: Gary E

Pat, you are very welcome. I'm glad I was able to share it with you through this web site.

Feb 01, 2012
Reply to Gary
by: Pat J

After my husband died; all I really did was read.I bought books on dealing with grief, on the loss of a souse, books written by people who crossed over and then came back. I so believe in a life after this one on earth. I am waiting for the day I will be with my husband again. My 5 children tell me think about living, not dying. I am living, but, yes, our life is forever changed.
It was 40 years on the 31st of January, yesterday, that my father-in-law died and my mother-in-law, who is 91 always tells me, you go on, but life is never the same. How can it be; we lost our soulmates and a part of us went with them. I know I will always have this ache in my heart for my husband. I joined a grief support group through our church and I have developed a great friendship with three other widows. We all lost our husbands between April, June and August, and as we say,WE ALL GET IT,their support is always there for me. We do things together, which makes our going out in public so much easier. It is not an easy journey, but taking it one day at a time, faking it until I can make it. Again God Bless you and I am going to print out your poem to read it often. Thank You!

Jan 31, 2012
reply to Pat
by: Gary E.

Sunday marked the ninth month since my wife of 34 years passed away. Along with her went a piece of me and I know I will never be the same. I think the hardest part is not having that special someone to share my life with any more.For the better part of six months I didn't sleep well and I usually only ate one meal a day out of necessity. I've experienced just about every emotion there is, both highs and lows, but mostly lows. I have finally figured out that there is no escaping the grief, only delaying it. I've done more harm than good to myself through ignorance until a dear friend of mine bought me some books on grief. I've only had them for a couple of days but I already see what I have been doing wrong and why I have done certain things. Pain, anger, frustration, depression, guilt, emptiness and loneliness are there every day. Hopefully better days lie ahead.

Jan 31, 2012
The Long Goodbye
by: Pat J

What a beautiful poem. The words in it fit me to a T. On June 27,2011; the day after our 46th wedding anniversary, I lost my husband to a massive heart attack. It was 7 months last Friday.
I am going on, but it isn't easy. My oldest daughter keeps telling me she wants me to be happy and enjoy life. The girl doesn't have a clue to what I am going through, she has her husband and her happy little family. She lost her dad, but a part of me died with him.
God Bless you for such a lovely tribute. I come to this web site everyday.

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