The loss of my brother

by Tammi

I lost my brother four weeks ago to a motorcycle accident. He was riding his cycle to work and ran into someone. He died on impact. (a comfort in some way). I feel like a part of me is gone also. I feel lost half the time. He lived in Arizona, me in Iowa. Sometimes I can function and be fine. Other days (like today) I cant do anything without crying. I know hes gone but at times I cant stand the pain of him not being here.

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Feb 02, 2013
The Loss of my brother
by: Anonymous

Milan I am sorry for your loss of your brother and how this has left you so devastated after 2yrs. Because it has been so long and you are feeling the rawness of grief you should consider seeing a grief counsellor for support and professional care so that you are able to move forward in life and grieve well so that healing can take place for you. sometimes there is a block in our grief and we have no choice but to seek outside support. Grief will limit your life and stop you moving forward. You will hurt for some time but you don't have to hurt beyond what is bearable. A counsellor will be able to get you to the point that you will feel more at peace and be able to heal better from your loss. Counselling takes the edge off the pain.

Feb 01, 2013
Sudden Tragic
by: Milan W.

I had the most needed urge to read your post and suddenly responded because I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. The exact thing that happened to you happened to me. I was 16 when my brother left me he was only 20. That morning before he died seem really unusual and 'a words can't explain' feeling. That morning my mom had to have him drive me to school because she had to go to work earlier than usual. My brother drove me to school it was just him and I everything was flowing so right he was bumping music In his car looking over at me smiling nodding his head, we pulled up to my school before I got out the car I had to mention that I get out early so he would know he said "OKAY ILL BE HERE" those we're his last words to me. Went inside the school all of a sudden started getting these random calls and messages I rapidly go into the restroom and try to figure out what was going on. I called my dad he told me my brother was in the ER he gotten into a motorcycle accident the guy in the vehicle cut him off on his turn my brother couldn't stop fast enough because the breaks were bad. He said he doesn't think he's gonna make it. My heart dropped and that moment right there was the first second my life will be changed forever I rushed to the main office so my auntie can get me from school we went to the hospital it was overly filled with many people that was there for support. Once I got off the elevator I just ALREADY KNEW he was gone. My dad told me the news. Once I tried to process that I couldn't take anymore of anything I HAD to leave the hospital and just get back home to begin my process of mourning. Overall I can say this has been the most devastating thing ever to deal with. Before I've experienced a loss of a death I couldn't see how people worldwide is FORCED to live with this. The saying "along the way time will get easier" as of now I couldn't possibly agree its already been 2 yrs since he's been gone and I could HONESTLY say everyday seems like it's getting slightly harder. It's eating me up inside I feel so lost at times it hurts. Anyone who may want to connect with me feel free to contact me on my email "" thank you guys. God bless.

Dec 07, 2012
loss of my brother
by: Anonymous

hi,i am very sorry for your loss.i understand how you feel i lost my brother who was my only sibling a month back in a motorbike accident and i lost my mother two years back.i am only 23 and life seems really horrible,but i know i have to be strong for my dad because he needs me just as i need him.all i can say is talk to your friends and family i am sure it will help you,and i believe that our loved ones are always watching over us.god bless you.

Nov 07, 2012
Once a soilder always a solider
by: Anonymous

I call it the worse day October 27, 2012 at 4:00 pm. The phone rang several times I could hear it as I was taking a shower that afternoon it just kept ringing so I hopped out the shower and checked my vmail and it was my brothers wife on my vmail I could tell she was crying. I begged her to please tell me that nothing was wrong but on the contray the worse news ever she said my brother had been killed.
I lost my brother Sgt Caesar M. Jones he was riding his motorcycle in Greenville, SC and had a terrible accident and died on impact. I feel like my heart has been ripped out my little brother gone at 44. He has seen all the world two tours of duty in Iraq, Desert Storm, Saudia Arabia my brother served 20 years in the US Army and he retired at 40 came home each and every time safe and now this. My brother was my very best friend he was always there he was kind and a good father to his three boys. I miss him so much. I don't know how I will make it thru this but I will keep him close to my heart forever. My brother used to always say "once a solider always a solider" he was a great servant to out country and he was my hero. I love you so much rest in peace. "A solider on earth and a solider in heaven!"

Oct 28, 2012
The loss of my brother
by: Doreen U.K.

Tammi I am sorry for your loss of your very young brother to a sudden death.
To lose a sibling is the most difficult experience for you. You grow up together in the family and we all take each other for granted as if everyone will always be there. Which is why it is so difficult to process your loss. It was sudden and in a very tragic way. There are so many dangers to riding a motor cycle. I think more exposed than riding in a safe strong car. But then again it is the way the accident happens that determines the outcome. But if we worried about taking the normal daily risks we would all stop what we are doing and just sit still. Nothing can be gained from this. We still have to savour every moment of waking life where we are. We could just as easily die in our sleep, which is how I would like to die. We all fear Pain and how we may die. To die quickly is a blessing. None of us can hold onto life a day longer than we are destined to. We all have our lives mapped out. We just have to go on each day and live a useful life.
Tammi I am sorry that you won't have more day's with your brother, brutally cut down in his prime of life. But if you have a FAITH hold onto this. This is what is going to give you the courage and strength each day to go on. Sadly you have to put up with the Pain of the stages of GRIEF. Crying a lot is the strongest force as this is how you will heal. It will take a very long long time for you to get back to normality if ever. I hope that you have a strong friend and family network to support you in your sorrow and grief. live with COURAGE each day.

Oct 27, 2012
pain in losing your brother
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for your lost, my daughter died in her sleep peacefully, no pain, have a little comfort knowing your brother didn't feel the pain.. your and my daughter is in a beautiful place with no pain, free.. But we here on earth is the one going through so much pain it's unbearable. We just need to trust and have faith in our self that we will live on with beautiful memories, and honor my Michelle and your brother... God Bless you, ask God for your help and also your brother to give you strength and faith.

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