The loss of my dad

by laney

I was only a little girl when my dad died i was three to this day its hard thinking back..... I dont remeber what his voice sounded like barely what he looked like i hate it... a week before my 11 birthday my step dad had died it was already hard for me dealing with my dad they both died from a car crash and that broke my heart.I always wanted to just go back in time and fix it i would have dreams that i tought were real then i would wake up and have a break down realizing that they werent there they were gone... People say they know how u feel just to make u feel better but it doesnt make u feel better not even a little it makes me realize that they dont care if they know how i feel or not because they will always show me things with there dad or even talk to me about how the father daughter dance was. And that broke me. Every girl would complain that they had to go with there dad and there just thinking of there self they need to realize there lucky and it hurts people make fun of me all the time or they will ask where my dad is even they already know hes gone... sometimes i think its all my fault that i cant do anything i think will this really be the rest of my life, i cant take that for the rest of my life...

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Nov 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you it means a lot your the I ly one who commented anyways but thx I have been seeing a consuler he's the one who told me to go on this

Nov 16, 2012
Thank u
by: Anonymous

I do I have a mom and 3 brothers but there never home I am gointo a consuler hasn't done much so far but working on it but I mean I feel alone i know there's other people out there but... Idk it's hard and I do t remember it's all junk it's sucks but it's my life and will be the rest on my life...

Nov 16, 2012
The loss of my dad
by: Doreen U.K.

Laney I am sorry for the loss of your dad especially at such a young age when you are struggling for memories and this is not happening. I am also sorry for your loss of your step father when you were 11yrs. Also a very young age to lose another male role model from your life. You don't say whether you have any brothers or sisters, mum, grandparents or aunts, uncles, or cousins in your life that you could go to for the nurturing and support that you need.
You are facing a very tough time with insensitive people around you talking about their fathers and not caring about your feelings. You know what? We are living in a very cruel world where people are becoming more self centred and careless in their relating that is causing you to feel that it is your fault. What I think you should do if you have no support is to go and find a grief counsellor, and talk over your feelings. You have low self esteem and this needs to be built up so that you can handle the day to day situations that surround you. You need nurturing and mentoring in order to also help build up your self esteem from your family and plenty of encouragement. You will then begin to feel a lot better about yourself and your situation. You will become less sensitive to the people around you and they also may react better towards you. It is not your fault if you may be attracting a certain behaviour from your friends. It is because you are missing having a father and step father in your life. You want to feel comfortable, and safe and the same as your peers. This is normal A counsellor can also give you the skills you need to build up your self esteem and also to help you in life and future relationship. Relationships are complicated at the best of times without losing a parent to give you the solid foundation for all relationship building. Even when children have both parents to bring them up they can also lack the skills or nurturing and they also go to a counsellor. It is just how life is. In our upbringing things can go wrong. Parents divorce and chilren are the casualties. You need a lot of encouragement in order to feel better about yourself. You can start by encouraging yourself and not blaming yourself when things go wrong.
Your life will get better in time. You will be happier in time. But you need to grieve properly the loss of your dad and step father. A counsellor is the best person to help you fill in the gaps in your life and you will be able to go forward in life. Best wishes.

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