The Loss of My Marriage

by Chuck
(Lincoln Ne and Killeen Tx)

I am grieving the loss of my kids and my marriage of 7 years. Yes, it wasn’t very long, but her and her 2 year old daughter were my life from the moment I met them. I had to go over seas just a month after we got married and when I got back things never returned to normal. We had a son together 2 years later and things just got worse every year. I tried every day to make her happy but it soon began to be apparent that I was nowhere on her priority list. 2 months ago I had to take a job out of state (she talked me into it) to support my family and then after being here for 3 weeks I found out the kids were getting sent to grandmas or a babysitters every other weekend and she was going out with friends and not telling me. All of our calls turned into fights. Then in one of those fights I finally got her to say she was only married to me now to get all of the debt paid so she could divorce me with no debt , I told her no. I may have forced the end but it has been on its way for years. It doesn’t make it any easier. Even through all of the bad years I would have done anything for her and sadly still would. Now I’m 750 miles away from my kids, family and friends, all alone. Working 60+ hours a week paying for a house I don’t think I ever could live in again. And she is still living in that house and going out every other weekend, 1 week after I told her it was over she went out with a friend and took a bunch of pictures of her at the bar wearing a big black flower ring on her ring finger then posted them on facebook. I thought I was never going to stop crying. I think she is already seeing someone else and its only been 3 weeks since I said it was over.

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Dec 09, 2011
All Great Adventures...
by: Hope

Hi Chuck,

First let me say, I am sorry you were targeted and mowed over by a conniving, heartless, self-centered, manipulative bimbo.

Second, I found that "karma" is an unforgiving bitch and Miss Thang will get back what she puts out in the world. Best part is you don't have to do anything but kick back watch. Even better is when it happens and you can care less because you are happily handling your own business.

Third, during this time of monumental heartache, betrayal, shock, depression, anger, and other torturous feelings, consider being your own best friend and remember to be kind to yourself. Say this like a mantra - "Be my own best-friend and be kind to myself.". (Sorry, can't take credit for that. A wise teacher said that to me when I my world crumbled into hell last year.)

Lastly, your life is your adventure. As long as you still have a air in your lungs and your heart is still beating, you have the incredible opportunity to write the next chapter with as much love, laughter, dreams and hope as you want. You will have this power for as long as you are alive.

Yes, the next few steps of your life will suck ass but as life shows us - time stops for no one therefore moments come and go. So, this FUBAR moment shall pass as well.

Hope this note of encouragement and advice helps your survive and move on.

Aug 12, 2011
Love & Light
by: Anonymous

Read the Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.
Take care of yourself. You can control you not her not others. I know you're in pain but it will get easier. Read the book.

Aug 08, 2011
Loos or Blessing in Disguise?
by: Judith

Chuck, It is sad when someone tries their best and it simply isn't good enough for someone. It hurts and makes you feel less than.

But Even tho you decided to end your marriage and rightfully so I might add you will still have to co-parent your children. I hope you have a good lawyer.

Please respect yourself and do not ever take her back. She isn't ever going to be what you thought she was and how dare she marry you for any reason other than loving you 100 percent. She deceived you and unfortunately now you share children. How could she allow herself to become pregnant feeling about you the way she did? How awful for you and the kids.

I hope you find true love with a nice christian woman who will love you for the hardworking , faithful man you are.

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