The loss of our orange and white tabby cat, Peanut

by Marshall
(Long Beach, California, USA)

Nappy time

Nappy time

We adopted Peanut in March of 2001 from a cat rescue shelter. As a young cat, he was very energetic and playful, always springing up onto the furniture and the kitchen counter and in front of living room window. The slightest noise in the driveway below would excite his attention, as well as the slightest chirp of a bird on the telephone wire by the side of our apartment. He was an important part of our lives and an affectionate cat who loved to sleep on us and raise his paws up and down us as if he were kneading dough. Not only was he known to us as Peanut, we also had several other affectionate names for him: Captain smarty pants, Mr. furry pajamas, fluffball and pot-bellied piggy cat. Sometimes, when we would look at him, it really seemed as if he would wink at us during meaningful moments, as if he wanted to say to us that he belonged to us and that we were part of the same team or pride. Of course, there would be times when he would stress us out, especially when my wife would be in the kitchen preparing supper, and he would be constantly at her feet and circling her. When he was hungry, he definitely let us know. In the mornings, he would scratch at our bedroom door, as if to let us know, that we were sleeping in a little bit too late, and that it was time to pay attention to him and, possibly, put some more food in his bowl. When he became older, of course, he wasn't as active as he was when he was younger, and he didn't jump and spring as much, but he was there to let us know when he needed attention. If I were lying on the couch, reading a novel or studying, he would walk in front of the book or sit down in front of my face to let me know that he wanted to be petted. Of course, I accommodated him by holding the book several feet in the air with one hand and petting him with the other. In addition, he liked to sniff our ears and faces, lick our ear lobes, which we both found incredibly cute.
In this month, he would have been thirteen years old, but his life was cut short, and he passed away a couple of days ago. He had had some kind of cancerous growth that had originated in a part of his brain and spread to other areas of his body, or possibly that had originated in a limb and spread to his brain. Towards the end, he had lost his sight, and on the night before his demise, we were told by the veterinarian that he was blind, and that was why he seemed disoriented and clawing on the walls. The next morning we were called by the emergency hospital and told that he was in a coma and that he probably wouldn't last through the hour. We thought it would be too heartbreaking to see him in this state and waited until we heard from the hospital again, which was shortly thereafter. He passed away and left us physically, but his memories will always be with us, and we won't forget our little peanut-ty.

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Nov 14, 2013
A loveble cat
by: Bruce

Marshal left Peanut with me once when him and Inga went to Germany. Peanut was an affectionate cat and like to be patted

Nov 04, 2013
Love and hugs to you...
by: Bernadine (Marshall's sister)

I'm very sorry, Marshall and Inge, but find peace in knowing that you gave him many happy years. And he, you. Dealing with a loss just plain sucks, as it never gets any easier. Time will at least make it more bearable. His memories will live forever and again bring smiles to your faces as you recall his distinctive quirks. Be comforted in knowing that you provided him the best kitty life he could have ever hoped for, and that you were fortunate enough to have shared in each others lives. Lots of love and big hugs to you both.

Oct 22, 2013
May Peanut R.I.P
by: Sandy

My heartfelt condolences to you on losing your beloved furbaby Peanuts. I can understand the depth of ones grief on losing a beloved pet as I have been thro the same ( and still am) when I lost my beautiful kitty Poochie girl seventeen months ago on 21st march 12. Also I feel sorry on thinking about the last moments of my first pet , a cat named Lappu, who was killed in an accident due to my negligence- He was with me for 7 years and wouldnt leave my sisters side. Our furbabies give us immense happiness during their short lifespan with us but leave behind memories worth a lifetime and a big void in our life.It was nice to know that you had happy days with Peanut. It is terrible loneliness in the initial days but then gradually we have to overcome it, time being a great healer. Only solace is , (after some time)to find another / rescue a helpless kitten and provide it the same care and affection . Your Peanuts will be happy about it. He is now in
Rainbow bridge playing with my Poochie girl and other kitties free from pain and completely healed. You may please read about rainbow bridge where all our furry friends go after their life on this earth. Take Care - Bye

Oct 22, 2013
Beautiful Peanut
by: Diane

I'm so sorry for your loss and want to share some of your pain. It's so agonizing to lose our furbabies, especially after so long. I have a 13 year old too, and after losing his 'sister' 11 months age I know the pain and sorrow.Please know Peanut can live forever in you heart, he's at the Rainbow Bridge, happy and free of pain. Time is the only thing that helps, we hurt so bad because we loved so much. Take care of yourself, and try to keep busy.

Oct 20, 2013
My thoughts are with you.
by: Sabine

I only knew Peanut from pictures and from all the stories Inge told about him. But I know, he was your little sunshine, part of your family. I just want you to know: I am absent, but my heart is with you!

Oct 20, 2013
loss of Peanut
by: Nadine

Marshall, I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your beloved cat, Peanut. I know how you feel since i recently lost one of my cats. He looked alot like Peanut. Sammy was his name and he was about 1 year old. We also took him in as a stray. One night he snuck out the door and we couldn't find him right away. The next morning we found him dead on the neighbor's lawn. He had been bitten by something, probably the neighbor's dog. We had him cremated and i will pick up his ashes Tuesday. This is the first time we have had this done to one of our pets and i don't know how i will feel. But whatever you and your wife do i hope you are comforted by the fact that you gave him all your love for such a long time. I can't imagine how much you must miss him after having him for 13 years. I miss mine a lot.

Oct 19, 2013
He was a memorable kitty
by: Inge

I am the wife of the author. I just wanted to say Peanut was a great cat. It still is painful to come home, and not being greeted by him, tail up high. I miss his little quirks, like taste tasting our grilled cheese sandwiches or climbing all over us when lying down on the couch, just like a mountain goat. The pain is still fresh, but the memories are vivid and plenty. He is without pain and free now, and that helps me in my grief.

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