The love of my lie

by sonia

I lost my husband on November 22 2013, he was just 32. but that day it happens and my whole life got destroyed. i can't says in words what he means to me , he means the life for me reason for leaving. we had love marriage ,and we had beautiful life with full of satisfaction . but god was unhappy by seeing us happy . he died suddenly by heart attack ,god did't give him a sec to tell me his pain ........he just took him away from me and my little 2 year son . i still love my husband very much more than any thing i wish god send him again in my life , because it is very difficult to take breath without him.....

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Jul 23, 2014
The day my love story ended
by: Doreen UK

Dear Anonymous,
I am so sorry for your loss of your husband, and for the inconsolable grief you are going through. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to a deadly cancer 2yrs. ago. I learned on this site to TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME. This has helped me move forward better. I could not function at all in any way for 6 months. I just lay on the couch and let TV bathe my sorrow. I watched God TV and this just bathed my wounds when I could not pick myself up. In time I got my strength back and took one job a day then two. My way back into life. But I still do get days that I lose my motivation to do anything. On those days I don't do anything. I honour how I feel. None of us knew what grief felt like and what to expect. It is an unbearable crushing pain. You will have rough days ahead but taking one day at a time does help. I do believe I will see my husband again as promised by God that He will come back for us who believe in Him. Our loved one's are safe with God in Heaven. Only the body died. May God comfort you and give you the strength to go through this grief journey.

Jul 22, 2014
The Day My love story ended.
by: Anonymous

I lost my husband June 12th of this year. I lost the love of my life. My soul mate. Im lost without him. I don't want to get up anymore, I don't want to laugh or smile. I met him and he asked me to marry him the first 5 minutes. And the rest was history. 13yrs later, up until the day I got that knock on the door, I have not been able to stop crying. I know I will see him again, I just need to know how and I gone to keep going without him. I miss his kisses, his smell, his big beautiful heart. I MISS HIM so........ much.

Jul 18, 2014
Hi Doreen
by: sonia singh

Thanks for talking to me ,i feel good when some one is talking to me on this because i love my husband very much. i am not against god but i just upset with him like we upset with our parents some time when they don't give us some thing....i'll try to learn from you.. because you are just talking like my mum

Jul 17, 2014
Loss of Father and husband from my life
by: Doreen UK

Hi Sonia, I wouldn't dare be insensitive to you by saying you are wrong. This is your experience and your perspective on loss and grief. Two of the most important Male's have been taken from you at such a young age. As you say the first person you loved was your Father, and second your Husband. I like this expression as I have never viewed it like this. don't misunderstand me. I don't say you are wrong. I said I don't agree with your perspective on God taking your loved one's because He didn't want you to be happy. There is a difference. It is in our understanding of GOD, and whether we think he punishes us by taking away our loved one's? I grew up with many distortions about God. Thank God He has removed them so I see things much different now. God is for us and not against us. I don't understand why God took your father and husband away out of your life? I don't understand why God took my husband away from me when I needed him? I don't know why so many of us have to suffer this unbearable pain of Grief. But I have to accept what I can't understand and just ask God to help me with my grief. I am much older than you in years. had more trials and tribulation from God, so I understand Him better now and can speak from my experience. Which I respect is not your experience. I am so sorry for your loss of father and husband.

Jul 17, 2014
Hi Doreen
by: sonia singh

I know dear that you are absolutely right in your place .but you don't know my full story...before my husband died i belief in god more then any thing....but you know who is the first love of a girl's life a "father" and after father "husband"... but when i was 21 when i need my father most ...i lost him. god took him. but after some time i make my self strong that he is 50 and one day every body has to go ...and ones again i pray from god ,just give my husband a long life and take me with you before him ...i pray this every time in the morning .at night ...because i can't bear that again... and see what did he did once again he give me same Griff. he take both the love of my life tell me am i wrong...

Jul 16, 2014
God is our only Hope
by: Anonymous--MI

Sonia, I am sorry the loss of your husband. It is truly a horrible time for you. I know, as my dear husband died suddenly of Sudden cardiac arrest 20 months ago. I did not get to say good bye to him but because of God's great love for us I know that I will see my husband again in heaven. God loves us and wants only good for us. Because of Adam and Eve's sin we all must suffer in this earthly life. God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to take our place on the cruel cross, taking our sins upon Himself in order that we may be saved and have eternal life in heaven. Look to God for help; this is the only way that you will get through this journey of grief. Thank Him for your little son and try to raise him up to know the God that will help and give him love and courage to face what life has in his future. Please seek God and let Him become the center of your heart. This is the only way for us to find any solace. May God bless you and your little boy.

Jul 16, 2014
The love of my life
by: Doreen UK

Sonia I am so sorry for your loss of your husband at such a young age. Same age as my youngest daughter and your husband died on her 32nd Birthday. My heart goes out to you being so young, and with a baby to bring up. I hope that you have good family support to get through this grief.
I can't agree with your understanding that God somehow did not want you being happy and so took your husband from you.
God is the reason we are here in the world. God gives us Air to breathe, food to eat, a job, a home and a family if we are Blessed fully.
God is in control of our world but not of our lives unless we invite God into our life and live well. WE are responsible for the Choices and decisions we make. Sometimes people have heart problems they can't escape from and some develop these conditions from lifestyle choice. Either way we have a lot to overcome in life. Some have a long life and some have a short life. I don't know why God didn't save my husband and he died of cancer 2yrs. ago. I was angry, but I soon recovered because anger is also a part of grief. My father is 93yrs. and he cried that my husband died before him. Life is strange. Because even babies die and are not given a chance to live. This is not God's fault. It is the SIN in our world that causes us to die. We are all going to die one day, only we don't know when. I have a heart condition and could also die suddenly. I don't want to, but I can't avoid it if it happens. The best I can do is to live a good healthy lifestyle. I hope that you are comforted by family and friends and that you will one day understand God better and how he wants you to be happy and well. This is the God I know. Jesus Christ.

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