The love of my life - Michael

by Gale Brunault
(West Newbury, MA - USA)

Michael was my only child who died from an apparent drug overdose while staying at his girlfriends house. They both passed. Though I am comforted in knowing they went together hand in hand, it does not, in any way, ease my broken heart and devastation.
Michael was always a happy, funny, popular and talented young man. He only started dabbling in drugs about 3 years ago but clearly it didn't take long for things to go horribly wrong.
We had a very close relationship - if I wasn't calling then he was reaching out. In fact I probably enabled Michael in more ways than one. I was so in love with my son that I would help out in any way possible - money, shelter, ride, etc. Looking back I see that my "helpfulness" didn't always do right by Michael. He was able to convince me that everything was good and to stop worrying, which I did constantly (even when he was on track in life).
I miss him desperately and feel that life will never be the same - that's something I have to grapple with every day. Michael was born on September 14, 1982 at 11:16AM on a Tuesday. That means he is full of grace - oh how full of grace he was to me -
Thanks for listening. Gale - his broken hearted mother

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Jun 30, 2014
The Love of My Life
by: Gale

Thank you for the comforting words - I'm desperately trying to take it one day at a time; otherwise I will literally go crazy. There are days that I want to just be with Michael - nothing else matters but him. Then I realize that Michael would be so heartbroken to think his mother chose not to live.
I am grateful for the years we had together but darn it, I wanted more! I never expected this to happen in my life - not in a million years.

Give me strength today - Gale

Jun 27, 2014
your only son.
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for the loss of your only child. Heroin is an awful drug. It takes away good people, young ones, that are loved. I'm sorry for you profound loss. I hope you can find some peace in life. Its a hard road...

Jun 25, 2014
I'm sorry for hour loss
by: Joanna

I'm so sorry for your loss. Drugs, mental illness, and any addiction is so hard to deal with especially when you are watching your own child go down hill. I' wrote a blog on here with multiple losses, addictions hurt everyone. I just lost my 33 year old brother one month ago, and the toxicology report came back today saying it was an accidental heroin overdose. And two months before that I lost my father on his 60th bday, ultimately due to alcoholism, he was very sick for many years. So with your story, I think about my mom. She is very depressed losing her husband and her only son due yo addictions. My mom loves all her children, 4 in all. And she Aldo is what you would call an enabler. She has pain pills and would give my oldest sister and brother those if they were in pain...that's how it started for both of them. My oldest sister I'd 34 sand is a heroin addict now and had been for years. She's the one who injected my brother first with heroin. I now, at 24 years old, have 3 out of my sisters 6 children, and 2 of my own. My mother has the other 3 teenagers of hers. So meh mom is going through extreme guilt. She says it's all her fault, starting them on pills, believing their pain and depression. She no longer wants to live. But every day I have to talk to her and give her a reason of why she's still here. I'm sad, and I forgot to mention, my brother has been married twice, divorced twice and his girlfriend who is also an addict, ground him dead at her place, is 14 weeks pregnant with his child. This will be his third child. So I'm sorry for you, your son, and his girlfriend. The pain will never go away, but will only get easier.

Jun 25, 2014
The love of my life - Michael
by: Doreen UK

Gale I am sorry for your loss of Michael to a sudden death. It is so sad when someone is introduced to drugs which can so suddenly become a habit that then claims their lives. Don't beat yourself up for being protective of Michael. It is a Mom thing. We all do it. We can't help ourselves from loving too much that we spoil our children. I am now having to learn to let go a bit and it is hard. My daughter is in Thailand at the moment with her friend. Got several emails this morning. She wants to come home early. Her work colleague she went with was attending beach parties and raves where drugs were in full sway. My daughter sat out and didn't take part and her friend is arguing and fighting with her for being a party pooper and she is putting her down. I am proud of her and glad I prayed over her before she went and all the time for God's protection over her. Just see how friends influence each other. It is a harsh world out there. How does one tell their young adult children to be safe and not go with the crowd? I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 2yrs. and my daughter thought a good holiday would help her after losing her father. I am trying to protect my daughter from the harshness of a world with drugs in it and also let her go? HARD. It does make me feel very protective towards my daughter. I understand how you wanted to protect Michael.

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