The Most Beautiful Snowflake in the World

by Charlotte Danford

I adopted Snowflake from the animal shelter in October 2003. She was a white husky with half white eyes. She was one year old. She was the best dog ever and I had that beautiful sweet baby for more than 10 years.She was family and I loved her as much as my children. She died from cancer on December 14th,2013 at home. I feel like my heart has been ripped out. Im in so much pain I cant take it and it is all so hard. I have others dogs and I dont want to love on them I just want my Snowflake.I feel bad that my other animals are here and not her.The pain is terrible and I dont think I can ever get past how much she suffered.I just dont know what to do with myself.

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Dec 19, 2013
Beautiful Snowflake
by: Diane

We all know at this site how losing one of our furbabies tears at your soul. I know you are hurting so bad right now, because you loved so much. You must remember though that your other babies are hurting too, they need you right now, for comfort and reassurance. Snowflake was your soulmate, so losing that dog was like losing a part of your soul, it can only be repaired by filling it with love and comfort from others. You will never forget Snowflake, you will keep your love alive in your heart. Honor the memories and love you shared by opening your heart to others who so desperately need you right now. Snowflake is safe and waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, and I'm sure would not want you to be so sad. It takes a long time before we feel better, and time is all we have. One day you will remember the happy times with smiles instead of tears, please remember and celebrate the life you two shared, don't dwell on the death. Please know we will share your sorrow and will give you any comfort we can. Take care of yourself..... RIP beautiful Snowflake, you were greatly loved!

Dec 17, 2013
she was blessed to have you in her life
by: Heidi

I'm so sorry to hear about Snowflake. I know what it's like to have such a close a bond with a companion animal. But please give your other animals extra attention - they are grieving too. And please learn from my experience - we never know what tomorrow will bring. A few years ago we lost our elderly dog to kidney disease and we all were grieving - but one of our other dogs missed him so much that she passed away three weeks after he had passed. The vet said she had Cushing’s disease but never had any symptoms - so we never knew she was ill. We think she couldn’t hold on any more after he passed.

I say “we” with my own anguish – it’s really now just ‘me’. I lost my best friend and soul mate 10 weeks ago. I can barely function and dread facing each day. We met 15 years ago from a shared love of animals. Last month our elderly poodle mix was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I never know day to day how she will be and she takes a fist full of meds every day. I really need him here with me…with us – I never knew I could hurt so deeply. I keep hoping it’s an awful nightmare that I can wake up from. I miss him so much.

Just know that Snowflake is now in Heaven. You gave her a wonderful life and took great care of her. I hope you can find comfort in knowing that- because she knew how much you love her.

Dec 17, 2013
snow flake
by: Anonymous

I am sorry that you lost your snowflake I had to put my MOE to sleep 3 weeks ago and he was only 6 I took to the vets because he was not himself they took X-Rays when the vet came back in to room the look on her face I knew it was not good and I had to make the terrible decision to put my MOE to sleep the pain and the anger it was unbearable I have another cat but it is not my MOE and I agree it is like some one tore your heart out it been three weeks and I still feel the lose and I my eyes still get watery they say it gets better but some people just don't understand you have lost a part of you that can not be replaced

my I share a little saying I saw on a card that my vet sent me





Dec 17, 2013
The Most Beautiful Snowflake in the World
by: Doreen UK

Charlotte I am sorry for your loss of Snowflake. It is quite normal to have a special love bond with a pet/person more than the others. It hurts so much when you lose them. This is the raw nature of grief and it will hurt so badly for a while. this raw grief pain will slowly go and you will find healing. It does at the time feel as if it will last forever. It has only been 2 days and you will hurt so much in these early days. I lost my husband to cancer 19 months ago and know how bad cancer is and lasts till the loved one has gone. I still have raw days when grief is more than I can bear because the reality hits every time that the loved one we have lost is never coming back. Especially at this time of the year our feelings and emotional pain is magnified. Do something special for yourself to make yourself feel better and do something special for snowflake e.g. putting a memorial up in your garden or other special place you can go to when you need to be alone with your grief and loss and just to honour the memory of snowflake. God is caring for snowflake now. You will see her again. Let the feelings and memories come. They will pass through and you will recover from your grief, otherwise grief would kill us. May God comfort you in your grief and loss of snowflake.

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