The Pain I Feel

by Steven
(Perth, Western Australia)

Just because my cheeks are dry
Don't think there is no pain
I hurt so much inside my heart
A smile so hard to feign

The tears are shed, be sure of that
But just when I'm alone
It's a part of me I cannot share
It cuts me to the bone

I miss you more than words can say
I'm just an empty shell
Going through the motions of life
An existance so close to Hell

If only I could get you back
How wonderful that would be
I know you can't and never will
I just hope you'll wait for me

As days go by the pain should ease
But never goes away
Then back in force it comes again
And shows it's here to stay

How hard life is without you here
No love to comfort me
No laughs, no joy, no seeing the world
Just tears and misery

Perhaps because we loved so much
The pain feels so much more
And even knowing it would come to this
I still love you to the core

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Mar 25, 2013
my sentiments exactly
by: Anonymous

well said, that's exactly what it feels like

Mar 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

beautiful poem, it spoke to me. thank you

Mar 07, 2013
The Pain I Feel
by: Pat J.Green Bay,WI

What beautiful words. That is just how we all feel. Your poems are always so beautiful. I wish I had such a way with words.

Mar 07, 2013
by: Kate

Beautiful and truthful poem that you have felt and that touches me so well. Thank you..

Nov 21, 2012
The pain I feel
by: Anonymous

Your poem touched my heart it is sooo true

Nov 03, 2012
The pain I Feel
by: silver

Steven I loved your poem.It definitely tells others how we feel.My sister(2001),my father(2009),my mother(2010) and my best friend (2010),and my husband(2011) went on before me. I miss them all,esp my husband. Like your poem,I put on a face for others most of the time.Today is a cry day.I only know that it's so hard sometimes to keep going on. I know I must because of my kids and their children.I begin grief counseling this month.I hope it will be as much support as I have gotten from this site. The people here have helped quite a bit.I hope you look at the other poems on the site.Some of them are helpful also. GOD bless you and give you strength.TO PAT: My husband died 17 months ago on Oct 29th. I feel your pain.I miss him so much.I am better though. I actually had to think about how when I went to my therapist.I get dressed each day now.I used to stay in my nightgown most or all of the day.I don't stay in bed most of the day anymore. I get out at least once a week even if it is only for a couple of hours and window shop.I stand outside on the porch at least once a day and soak up sunshine when the weather is nice. I go and get the mail everyday instead of every couple of days.Little steps.I pray for all of us who have lost our loved ones each day.I send love to you all.

Oct 28, 2012
The Pain I Feel
by: Pat J.Green Bay,WI

What a lovely poem. It discribes exactly how we who have lossed the love of our life feels. I always say, I may look like the old me on the outside, but I have changed on the inside. I no longer feel comlpete. A part of me died, the day my husband died. We slowly learn to go on without them, but never really get over it. It was 16 months yesterday that my husband died. I too, go out with friends and family, put on a happy face, but I am crying on the inside. I feel so out of place. We will always carry our loved one in our heart. God Bless All of Us!

Oct 27, 2012
Thank you . . .
by: Anonymous

this captures my every waking moment now.

Oct 27, 2012
The Pain I Feel
by: Judith in California

Steeb, this poem speaks for everyone who has lost a loved one.
The minutes, hours, days go by and this is how I fell. Even though I'm out and trying to have some fun, when the party is over this is how I feel. There's such an emptiness inside and it will never be filled. My lips may smile but there is a deep sadness.

Thanks for posting your poem.

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