The Prince and the Princess

by Lori

Where to begin? I knew of my husband through my ex husband's older brother, if that is making sense. I fancied him for 19 years, my current husband, even though we were married to other people and having 3 kids of our own. Once my ex husband found out Craig (my current husband) was leaving his wife, Tim (my first husband) left me.

He left me with a high rent, 3 kids and to my surprise had my car stolen. I could not get to work and had to quit Coca Cola. Craig heard what was going on and offered to help me, he rescued me in my time of need. He swept me off my feet and I fell in love. I moved in with him and my family of 4 became 8.

For many years my prince would write me notes and letters, give me gifts and could not wait to see me, with kids, my animal rescue and the distruction of our home from both kids and dogs, we lost each other. I got the "let's be friends" text message the other day!

Funny, Monday we went to marriage therapy and I thought we were trying to work it out, but to my surprise, I have been led on for months now. No hello, I am home, just late nights at the bar, no goodnight, sweet dreams, no kisses or hugs, no nothing, just void! I begged him to work it out and I just can't believe I am being treated like crap.

His drinking caused a lot of problems and we pushed each other away. Now I get "I need my space", "I am not in love with you but I care about you" BS! Saddest thing is that neither of us can afford to leave and we can't sell the house. I am sharing a room with one of my kids while he sleeps in my bed!

I am in stages 2, 3 and 4 all at the same time, I cry in spurts then get angry! I hide in my room and don't want to talk to anyone. Guess if I had money and a place to transport all my rescue animals I would not be taking it so bad. I have to look at him everyday knowing he will never touch me again.

I grieve any loss badly, but this guy was my savior and best friend in the beginning and now he is the cruelest person I have ever met. I am trying not to get to the "I hate Men" stage and I feel that's where I am heading! Maybe it is the 8 stages of grief!

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Jan 31, 2013
Happy again
by: Lori

You can find love and be happy again. I'm still with my man and will be getting married in 2014.
Grieve and process your pain..

Feb 22, 2011
its me
by: Lori

Today 2/12, I have a new man, a new life and a new way to deal with my emotions. I do sometimes miss the thing we had, but it is all about the future with my man and puppy. No more looking back!

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