the psyic helped

by Colleen

I have written here a few times. my son John died 4/30/2011 from cancer of the heart. I still cry every day. yesterday my husband and I went to a psysic
We had a private reading, it really helphed. he told me my son was so surprized that he died, when he saw the light he looked back and saw me holding his hand. He told us he only comes around maybe once a week now, but he is ok and that I have to stop crying everyday, he is home and now I am crying for myself. I know my other sons feel uncomfortable talking to me, even though they are grown, they hate to hear me sad everyday, they miss him too.
the pysic knew John was sick only 18 days, and that he drove a truck, he smoked and that he was no stranger to handcuffs. i truly felt his presence with us.
John was sort of a rebel. When he was 25 years old he got in a motorcycle accident, to make a long story short he went to prison (san quenton ) for three years. He was 40 when he died and became a more postive person in prison, got off his addiction from drugs and was always trying to help everyone he met. Even in last few days, he tried to comfort me, my husband and his brothers. I miss him so.
I got to tell him a couple months before he died how proud I was of him and what a good person he was, he said thank you - I am so glad for that.
Any way I believe this pysic (who is also a preacher) gave me some closure and I am so grateful.

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May 25, 2012
by: Helen

Pyschic's can help however there are a lot of frauds out there who prey on the vulnerable.
You where so lucky to find a good one, and a preacher as well.
My husband would investigate psychics to find credible ones here in Australia in the 70's.
My recommendation for finding authentic psychics, is join a spiritualist group or a Christian Revival group, they in turn could put you in touch with someone
After both world wars, with so many losses, people were looking for guidance and spiritualists and psychics where in demand.
We all would like to know where and how our loved ones are coping in the afterlife.
It's like a closure and acceptance for the grief we feel.
We are trying to fathom why there is death and the meaning of life.
psychics can only give us a glimmer of this and it's only when we open our hearts be it the Universe, God Nature and love can we gain some insight.
Remember Psychics are only human and can only use there inituition and experience with life, to give you a reading.

May 23, 2012
by: Wendy

How did you locate the Psychic you went to? I am very interested in having a reading and I did do one over the phone. The person I talked with did not connect with my son during the reading. I was very disappointed. It sounds like you had success and I am very glad for you.

Sending hugs to your aching heart.

May 23, 2012

I am glad that you saw a physic to help you with your son. I have been looking for one so that I can communicate with my son who passed in March from an accidental overdose of his prescription.

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