The Ring

by Ed Fisher

The Ring
For what its worth for what it’s made of gold and gems that gleam
Bought with hope of everlasting love sent from god from far above
Worn with those can see, the love I have for her and her... to me
With promises made forever hold, placed upon the finger this ring of gold.
Never to be taken for granted you see... this ring of gold from her to me
A symbol of promise till death do us part, straight from our lips straight to our hearts
Every time I looked at the Ring of gold....I knew it would be there when I grew old
Through work and pain, sweat... blood and tears ... it was never removed for all those years
It became a part of who I am... this Ring of gold upon my hand
With hope in my heart and a prayer from above.....this Ring was a symbol of committed love
Till pain took its toll... forgiveness not at hand... slowly it came off... this golden band.
To be placed in a box stowed safely away...never to be worn another day
To be out of sight forever you see... this golden Ring from you to me.
Now when I look down upon my hand and see... where once was a Ring where a Ring should be.....shows the loss of our love between you and me.
And The Ring that was worn so proudly you see... forever removed... on seven...........twenty three...Written on 7/23/ long my dear...I wish you the best....

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