The "rocker:"

I am 38, I lost my twin brother in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago. He lost control of his bike trying to avoid another accident. It has been very devastating to our family. I know like my family, I miss him very much. I cant picture not talking to him anymore or seeing him. I think of him often. We went to the hospital the morning it happened. Its still so hard to believe. Our birthday is coming up. Its not the same without him.

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Oct 11, 2011
I know your pain I am a twin
by: Matt Lavertue

Rocker I am a twin. I lost my brother on
January 5,2011. It is like I am half a person now. I am trying to get through all this pain and anguish. Realizing my twin is gone from this world, leaves me empty hearted and blanked. My twin brother was 41 years old, and he to go into a bike accident. The accident is not what took his life though. He went on pain meds and later on was taken off the pain meds, and put on Methadone. 2 days later he passed. I found him and to this day, that is the only day I see. Stay strong as I am learning we twins have a special bond with the other twin. They will always live on cause we live on. Although they are not physically with us, we are the ones who make them live on. We the twin left behind are the ones who will let all the people who know us, know our twin too. Your brother and mine are always here with us. Stay strong and always talk to him Believe me he is listening. God Bless you and your family. From one twin to another we are special cause God made two of us. Matt Lavertue

Jul 08, 2011
A Brother's Love
by: Anonymous

Twins are so unique. The loss of your twin brother has to be very painful. So many in your life probably have no clue as to the depths of your pain. Only another twin would truly understand. Your brother will always be with you. He's looking over you and you will see him again.
Just do the best you can. Take things one day at a time ~ always honor your brother's memory.

Jul 08, 2011
so sorry
by: Anonymous

I lost a sister many years ago to a drunk driver...I know how much it hurts. I lost my youngest son 11 months ago to leukemia. The pain of that is beyond description. You will find that most people expect you to get over "it" after a couple of months. Do not let anyone discourage you. Grief is highly individual. It took me three years before I could say my sister's name without crying. I don't think I'll ever get to that point with my son.

Jul 08, 2011
I Know Your Pain!
by: Ruth

Hello There,
I know the pain you feel in the loss of a brother. I just lost an adult child "My Only Begot" March 19,2011. I have lost two brothers, but the loss of a child was much heavier.

May the Lord Our God Carry You as I will pray for you and with you that in spite of all the hurt and pain, healing is on the way.

Jul 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your brother. Being your twin, he was half of you.
I lost my brother when he was 38 to a massive heart attack. I lost my mom 2 years ago today.
I also hurt. Then I lost my last brother July 2010. I hate July. I told you this to say, that even though you feel like you won't make it, you
will. God is beside you. He will never forsake you. Time scars our wounds over, and out there,
we find that we did live and we are stronger for it. You are still numb from all this. And you
haven't gone but just a few days in to grief.
do it your way, take your time, and let the angels hover over you and comfort you. Bless you.

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