The story of a life changed by Anna so much more than a dog

by Dan williams
(Mesa Arizona USA)

I remember getting extreme migraine headaches that were destructive to my emotional state of being and my attitude became poor and I wanted to give up but I wouldn't so my wife at the time got me a puppy a red nose female pit bull which I had been raising pit bulls since the age of 13 anyways my last dog was named nana so I took the letters and called her Anna so this pup became my best friend and I spent most of my time with her which helped keep my mind off the migraines and this dog was so intelligent like nothing I'd ever seen and I was proud to have her with me and I talked to her like a human being and she seemed to understand a lot and would think and process and contemplate things and she did things like a person picked up habits and of I would get off track shed give me a look or make a noise and put me back in check anyways 15 years of many great experiences with this amazing spirit some bad times but we both seemed to learn from each experience and I had to have her sent to the spiritual realm where I'm sure she's swimming well the day I had to make sure she wouldn't suffer to live was the hardest day of my life I love Anna like no other thank God she had 6 litters and has helped train my pups behind her well the time spent with her are the best years of this life rest in peace Anna you are much more than a dog to me. This dog climbed trees swam cliff dived body surfed imbed walls and learned up til the time she left and had a personality that was calming and fun and inspiring she loved to swim boy did she love to swim and she would protect children from adults like she knew the kids couldn't defend themselves so when someone had their kids around and there was a loud noise or quick motion anywhere near a child shed get in between the child and whoever or whatever was there and she'd protect them such an amazing dog positive attitude with the spirit of a warriorU

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Mar 10, 2012
Your site wouldnt allow me to add a photo to the story
by: Dan

Ot showed the option to upload and it wouldnt do it im bummed is there a way to add a pic to it now?

Dan, please email me at Attach the photo and tell me the name of the story and category posted in. I will add your photo.

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