The story of my double lost.

by sophia

Hi i am 18 years old and im from San Ignacio ,Belize. i was 17 years old when i met the guy i never knew i would fall in love i met him i said to my self this is my future husband,We where great together 6 months into our relation ship he wanted a baby and i wasn't ready . so then i noticed he started to change and treated me better,he gave up his job just to stay with me and if i didn't like something he would stop doing it just to make me happy.we had alot of things different from each other but still i stayed with him.Then comes this month january 2011 when we decided to create our baby even thought i didn't really want but i knew that was something that he wanted;He asked me and i said yes.i knew i would have to give up school and alot of things i had planed but i did it because i love him.then febuary i took an ultrasound and found out i was pregnant i was so happy because i knew he would be .i couldn't wait to tell him because we haven't seen eachother for like 3 weeks; when i went to his house he was mad at me because he said i broke up with him and i did not i just needed some time for myself after that big step i was taking in my life.then i told him that his dream came true and im pregnant and he seemed a little worried , them he told me that he already moved own and he blamed me ,i was so sad and went home. i cried alot everyday because i knew my baby is now without a father and then months pasted during my pregnancy and my baby died i was so sad because at first i loose his father and now my son, I was hoping something happen to me too because i did not want to carry own months has passed again and he is still gone and my baby is in hurt me everyday i see him he is with another girl and forgot all about our baby that we hurt me to see him with her but if that's what makes him happy i say to him good luck and good bye.

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