the sweetest mom in the world died from renal kidney failure and a broken heart

by the last musketeer
(new york)

my mother was everything to me, as was my brother.

she was mother and father and loved us so dearly.

my biological father was a monster and constant physical, mental and emotional abuser, so when my mother finally divorced him after 18 long miserable abusive terror stricken years, and 3 suicide attempts, none of us wanted to ever see him again, and we didn't. we have never ever regretted that not then and not now. he was also responsible for ensuring my mother had 2 miscarriages. those babies died due to what he did to my mother.

my father kept it all. a 21 room three story home and all of our possessions. a vacation home, a very prosperous business, all the bank accounts and money kept in them. he kept the business machinery and trucks and 2 sedans and a sports car.

he felt he deserved everything for his signature on a mexican divorce decree. he valued all those material items more than his own family.

my mother started the business since he had problems communicating with people. she took care of a large home, all of us, and the business. she also was the book keeper and placed bids for work. she answered the phones from home and made all of the appointments. my mom did this for 15 years and never got any payment, appreciation, or even a thank you from my father.

my mother i feel was a heavenly angel placed on this earth to raise us children and try and shield us from my father's abuse. she took the brunt of his evil and for that alone i believe she is now in Heaven with her son, parents, and brothers awaiting me.

my mother, brother and i, always referred to ourselves as the 3 musketeers......then it became 2, then it became 1, and 1 is a very lonely number indeed.

i am now the last of my family and all alone.

i know my evil father died last year and we honestly pitied him because he loved material possessions more than his own family, and no we never made contact with him after we were finally free of him. he always felt justified in everything he did.

mama please know my heart breaks each and every day, and i miss you so very much. i pray God calls me home soon so we can all be a family in Heaven again......just your parents, brothers, my brother, you and i.

i also can't stop suffering on earth since you left, since God is the peace the world can no longer give me, and i pray we are reunited in Heaven again very soon.

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Mar 12, 2014
blessings grieving daughter
by: the last musketeer

thank you for your reply. i can feel your pain and can relate to many aspects of it very well indeed.

i do believe God still has a job for many of us to finish since we are still here on his green earth.

i try to remain strong and know you do too grieving daughter. we have our mother's strength, guidance and love and those are previous gifts no one can ever take from us.

i wish you blessings, prayers, and hope our purpose to do God's work continues here on earth.

take care and be well.......i know our mother's are smiling down at us and are so proud of what we have become........because of them we are who we are, and for that i know i and you and probably many others also feel very blessed.

Mar 12, 2014
The Last Musketeer
by: Doreen UK

I am touched with sadness for the life you lived and survived from. What Hitler did to so many people was too brutal for words.
I am so sorry for what your mother endured at Hitler's hands and for the loss of her family at His hands. Unfortunately we live with so much evil, but many are not touched in the way your mother was at the hands of such brutality and inhumanity.
God was looking over you all and I do believe God puts people in our lives to help us through a difficult journey. WE all have different histories but nevertheless we go through the same feelings and emotions. WE LOVE and WE HURT. Heaven will have some stories to tell of how we endured Life and overcame the obstacles that made us stronger and overcame our trials. But only by the Divine Hand of God can any of us survive the harshness of Life. I am sorry for your health problems you are facing. I have had a problem with swollen legs and feet for 40yrs. so know how you feel. I am embarrassed to go out as people still stare at me. But I guess we just get used to finding ways to survive what we have to endure in this hard Life. May God guide you and keep his hand on you and give you better health. Best wishes.

Mar 11, 2014
thank you Doreen UK
by: the last musketeer

hi Doreen UK,H
i read your reply and thank you so much!

how did we live after my mom got the divorce?

my doctor had a home and knew of the physical abuse and my mom's 3 suicide attempts. when a neighbor told him my mother was leaving with us he offered us an apartment in one of the private homes he owned. he was a wonderful doctor, humanitarian, and caring kind man of which i always held close to my heart. we all did.

my mom was very skilled in a few professions so she was able to find work immediately. she worked over 50 hours a week to save and get an apartment closer to her job. (my brother enlisted to Vietnam to get away from our father). he felt if he stayed he would have ended his miserable selfish greedy life.

my father stopped my mother's 15 a month alimony and stopped our $20.00 weekly child support a few months after my mother divorced him. Thank God my mom was smart and knew 2 professional trades and found one.

there are no other relatives as both my parents lost their relatives from immediate family when hitler entered their lives and WW II began.

the few close adult type friends we of course had, but now they have all passed on.

(one would think my father would have cherished my mom since he knew her as a child right through the war and married her at age 17 and he was 25.

my mom was tortured by hitler's SS, and all her family was slaughtered in front of her young eyes. the gestapo was brutal, but then my father was just as brutal to my mother and to my brother and myself. one trait he had was he hid the evil side of him very well, so my mother had no clue just how evil my father would be to her, and to her children.

Doreen UK i do believe when one door closes another opens. i fill my days with looking at photographs, cards, and video's of my loved ones. they fill my brain with such warmth and love....and yet that also fills me with such deep longing for them and the loving family i had.....alas only God will at some point hear my prayers and offer me the peace this earthly world can no longer give.

my health since my mother died has gone down hill. i cannot sleep through the night but re-live the day she died in my plays over and over again and no meds makes it stop.

also i was just informed i have diabetes, and both major veins in my legs have in-operational valves, so i am retaining about 10 lbs of water in each leg. i really feel so lost now but pray constantly. i know God and Jesus hears my prayers for others as well.

Doreen UK i am so sorry for your loss. please know those who find real love on earth are really blessed.

the only thing we take when we leave God's green earth is our memories, and the love of those we loved so very much.

may God bless you Doreen UK, and also bless everyone who has lost a loved one and grieves.

all of you shall remain in my daily prayers, thoughts, & blessings.

Mar 11, 2014
I understand
by: Grieving daughter

Hi, I do understand how you can be left without
any one to turn to. As this happened to me and
my wonderful mum.

Relatives and friends run
away when a father is not a role model. Unfairly
they judge a family who needs support and
rather than support, flea the sinking ship.

My father lost the family home, my mum worked
so hard for it. My brothers were gambling at
that time, because of what they witnessed.

I know you will understand when I tell you that
you only need the love of a good mother. What
relatives did to mum and I, does not make me
bitter any more.

The years I spent with her even though we were
living in poverty, were the richest of my life.
Every day had a purpose.

I still cry for her after nearly a year and miss
her every minute. But I realize the strength she
had to survive abuse, (being forced to abort my
sibling) and my brothers gambling, means I must
have this too.

You are your mother's off spring and must have
her courage.

I take comfort that my mother had my love no
matter what terrible hardship she bore. You
should also, she must have been so happy you
were by her side.

Try to ask your self, did your mother know how
much you loved her. I am sure the answer is yes.
This was a Blessing, learn to treasure it.

Others might not understand how vulnerable
mothers and children are left alone to face the world and its problems. I certainly do, so do not feel alone.
Wishing you better times X

Mar 11, 2014
the sweetest mom in the world died from renal kidney failure and a broken heart
by: Doreen UK

Your story is so very sad and I am touched very much by how you have all endured such tragic circumstances of abuse, and survived.
I can't understand how you never had any aunts, uncles, or other supporters to help defeat your father from his bullying. To take all your possessions and leave you all with nothing amazes me how someone can be so calculating and to the depth of selfishness. Denying a family Love and security. These are important in life for one's survival without being absorbed by materialism.
I cannot understand how you all survived? Where did you live? How did you live? Where did you put down roots and work to survive?. Your mother was a strong woman and she would have had to be in order to run a business and build up the security she did that was stolen from her, and all of you as a family of 3. You are torn in two by the loss of your mother and brother and not having anyone else in your family to bond with and survive in a lonely harsh world. This is so very difficult, for you and I can understand your need to leave this world and be together with the people who mattered and made your life worth living. I know that when circumstances dictate that we find deep within ourselves the strength to endure and go on despite our circumstances. I lost my husband to cancer 22 months ago and I don't like life much but endure each day waiting also for the day when I join my beloved husband. But whilst I am here on earth I may as well try to enjoy the journey. But life will never be the same again. I hope you will be able to structure your days and find happiness again and that life will be worth living. I am sorry for your loss of your family. May God go with you and comfort you and give you His Peace.

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