The wonderful Regal "Jack the cat"

by Julie Kapeller
(Gladwin, Mich)

My Jack the cat was 11 years old and over the last few months he's been losing weight quickly. Turns out it was his Kidneys, a common but serious issue for cats. My vet, my fiancee (John) and myself tried everything. We had 2 of his teeth pulled because they were quite bad and the vet felt maybe that's why his appetite was so poor.

When that didn't work then we became more aggressive and did ultrasounds of his belly and tons of labs. It was his kidneys, they were huge which caused him to have no appetite. We have tried for 2 weeks every combination of cat foods you can imagine, Tuna, kitten chow mixed with warm milk and on a good day he would eat maybe a teaspoon worth of food in the day, on a bad day nothing.

Today July 28th I watched him walk down the hall early this morning and his gait was so slow because of malnutrition and he only weighed maybe 5 lbs he used to weigh 13 lbs. I saw that it was hurting his hips to move.

With tears falling I called the vet and begged to have him euthanized ASAP. They were so kind to let us come in right away (so we didn't have any waiting time to dwell). I held my baby boy in my arms and he took his last breath in my arms. it's only been less than 2 hours ago and my pain is so intense but I also have some sense of relief knowing I won't worry all day "did he take a bite of food, did he drink any water"?

The gamut of emotions we must go through is unfair. June 15th I lost a dear friend to Lymphoma, June 29th my dad passed away, last week I had a hysterectomy, so I feel so overwhelmed with life and so many losses all too close together.

Jack loved everyone and he loved all other animals as well. He is survived by his brothers Simon who's 7 yrs old and Mr. Grinch who is 6 yrs old. We decided to have him cremated and we will spread his ashes under a beautiful red oak tree in the middle of our corn field across the street from our home. He would lay for hours in that window and watch the corn waving in the wind, so he can now become a part of that field.

I hope wherever our animals go (I believe they go to heaven myself) that Jack is 13 lbs again, running and being that regal, quiet thinker he was. We love you Jack the Cat, thank you for 11 yrs of true unconditional love and friendship.

Love always mommy, papa John, Mr. Grinch, Simon and Loren (my daughter). The earth lost a beautiful creature but heaven gained another angel.

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Aug 11, 2010
Thankyou Anna
by: Julie

My dearest Anna:

I just found your note to me about My Jack and Your Monty and I was touched beyond belief. It's a great comfort to know there are people out there who TRULY care about our "furry friends" and treat them as our own children. Your words meant so much I can not thank you enough. Yes I believe Jack and Monty are dear friends running free, happy, healthy full of life and just waiting for us to meet them someday. if you ever feel comfortable enough to share your address with me I would love to send you I realize it would be published for all to see so I don't blame you for not wanting to give that info out but my vet sent me the most beautiful story in a card after Jack was put to sleep and I would love to share it with you. Maybe I can place that here on this website for all people who have lost their best friends to read. Anyways again thank you and may God bless you and heal you. Many hugs your way Julie K.

Aug 03, 2010
I pray that Jack and Monty are now friends together
by: Anna

Dear Julie,
I just read your sweet note to me about my Monty and was so sad to then read that your worst fears for Jack came to be. I am just so sorry. I understand, it can be too much to bear. It's been almost 3 months since Monty left (he's in his favourite place, the garden, which I think is also Heaven) and I still will cry.

Julie, you've suffered so much loss recently, and I agree, it's just not fair that Jack was taken from you too. But you can remember him, honour him and love him, each and every day. It does help to take special time every day to sit quietly and just remember Jack, all the good things and not-so-good things. It helps, I know. I do it still. And I want to give back to you, your wish for me, that Jack & Monty might now be in the same great place together, remembering their families, just as we remember our boys: with much love. Hi guys! We miss you.

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