The words "Corey" & "died" do not make sense! They do not belong together.

by Marianne
(Newtown, Pa)

At 10pm, on October 17th, we got the phone call that will forever change our lives. Corey died. Sorry for your loss, it took us over two days to identify her, she has been lying in a morgue. My baby was a Jane Doe. I guess one advantage of having a daughter with a criminal record is that they were finally able to identify her body by her fingerprints. Please don't let me give you the wrong impression. She was a very good person, loved with all of our hearts and souls, with a horrendous disease - drug addiction.
We lived through Corey's illness for over 9 years. It breaks my heart to say there are many more memories of horrible, angry times than good ones during these 9 years. But the good ones are precious. I am praying to God to help me remember them all.
My angel girl never had it easy after middle school. Life was always a struggle. I know every parent believes that their daughter is beautiful, bright and gifted - I was no exception. She never got it. We wanted to help her find herself and strongly encouraged her to go away to college, away from a bad relationship, and find new friends. She had alienated all of her high school buddies. Always struggling and alone. She begged me not to make her go there. But I prevailed, believing she would find her way. And she did, to drugs.
During this time, she was in and out of our lives. She had a daughter who, thank God, has a daddy who was 100% committed. We spent countless hours, energy, sleepless nights and money to bail her out, keep her safe. And it all ended with her dying alone, being found on the street, and looking like total hell in her casket.
We are in such excruciating pain.

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Oct 23, 2011
the worst hours of our lifes
by: Anonymous

so sorry about your daughter. unfortunately the same thing happened to my son. he had been gone for days which was kinda odd because no matter what he would contact me and he didnt. it was about three days or so and his girlfriend wanted me to wait another day. my intuition told me different. i contacted the police and they came right away and took all the information. a couple days after my older son called me it was night time, and told me detectives came to his house but wouldnt tell them why. they had to talk to me. he told me to call a number and kept saying over and over again mom its not good its not good call right now. i walked in the hallway and something hit me in the head and stopped me in my tracks and it said hes dead.. i tried to shake it off and went in the kitchen to call the number. someone answered the phone and i ask to speak to the person my older son told me to ask for he got on the phone and i said im so and sos mom dead silence on the other end i said with my lips quivering is he alive he said after a few seconds im sorry thats all i heard i threw the phone and was hysterical. numb i walked around the apt until my older son and his wife showed up and looked at me with hope in their eyes. i shooked my head no. it was the worst day of our lifes. i know how u feel fortunately and unfortunately he too had a record and tattoos that they identified him with. its going to be a year on november 16th 2011

Oct 23, 2011
Your Precious Corey
by: Cookie

It's hard to wrap your head around this one. You did everything a good parent could possibly do. Do not blame yourselves. I know you do. My parents tried with one of my siblings but to no avail. I told her you raised us to good people but life was a crapshoot with him.

Your daughter has graduated to a better place, and I hope that brings you some level of comfort. She's at peace with herself now. I pray your family finds peace again someday.

God bless and keep you in his care. Hugs and prayers.

Cookie in Virginia

Oct 22, 2011
I know...
by: Ellen

Oh god how I know this pain. It was the same with my son. I got the phone call on August 26th of this year. It was surreal, I honestly and truly knew this call could come at any time over the past 7 years. I thought I was prepared. I even saved at least ONE voice message on my machine, knowing it might be the last time I heard his voice. I have lost a piece of my soul. I think the arguments and the bitterness made it worse. I keep saying to myself 'you couldve been a little nicer'. I wish I could tell you it would all go away. It doesnt, at least not with me. The pain dulls, but the memories are always there. My only consolation is at the time of his death he was in the middle of his 3rd attempt to defeat heroin. At the time of his death from a seizure he was drug free and had been for months. He had re-enrolled for college, and refused to live in a drug infested half way house, he was working to pay off a small room he rented. I am happy that his last battle with this miserable disease he died a winner. I think there is always a bit of guilt when your child dies. No matter what age, it is not the natural order of things..and, you still feel you were supposed to protect them. I wish I could hug you. I wish I could make the pain less. I wish we could give each other something..anything to make it make sense. Im so sorry.

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