There are only 4 of us left out of 9

I am just expriencing a loss again my brother William who I was very close to , I lve in pa and he lived in Elkhart Indiana nd was a truck driver ,,,he got real sick the 3rd week of August and in 1 week he died . he was 51 ,,,,I was real close to him . when going to see him I thought that I would make it in time before he died . and when I got to Ohio they told me he had already died . so when I got to Elkhart they took me to the hospital to where they left him until I got there ,That whole weekend I had to help plan everything and not only that I got my sisters ashes from The brothers house that died and sprinkled over my twin brothers grave who died from a murderer . he was 27 years old . I feel as if I am going through alot at one time .....and that some one just punched me in my stomach .....My mom was also in that grave sight .I dont understand why ? It is so frustrating ..My dad is not around either this all happened so close to eachother,,,,,,,

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Sep 03, 2011
so sorry for your losses...

I can't imagine going through more than one loss. It has taken a toll on me, while making me stronger in the end. I don't have the words to make it o.k No one does. Just know that I am thinking of you, hoping that you manage to take one day at a time.

Please keep coming here if nothing else to know that you aren't alone. Grief share is good I understand as well as hospice counseling most insurance covers 6 weeks and even listening to others helps, you do not have to speak if you do not wish.

My thoughts are with you, surviving grief is the hardest thing that I have ever been though. Don't go through it alone. Get help all you have to do is ask. There is nothing weak about grief it changes who we are, how we think and hopefully helps us to never let a day go by without letting people know how much we love and appreciate them...

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